Morehead State University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The academics for the Accounting and Math departments are great! The teachers are very good at challenging our thought processes and pushing us to work hard and do our best. I have had great experiences with every teacher I have taken as well as the students that I have partnered up with for projects or worked with for assignments.


Challening but creative and efficent.


Morehead offers a lot of academic programs. It is one of the few colleges in the state that offer what I am majoring in.


The really nice thing about morehead is that because its a regional university its not really big. The professors always learn the students names and in most cases create strong bonds with them. The academic requirements are strong and students must meet with advisers if they find themselves slipping behind. If you are in the developmental classes complete them fast because if you don't after 45 credit hours the university will kick you out with no chance of appeal. Another really nice thing about morehead is the level of student intelligence. Students are very intelligent and always willing to show that in conversation. The Government, Philosophy, or History departments are all stop notch. The facuilty have a strong commitment to the students and see them selfs, rightly so, as the guardian and mentors to their students.

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