Morehead State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The University is just the right size. Its not really big at all, but its not small. The town of morehead is small and there really isnt much to do. You really have to go to lexington for huntington to really have a wild night on the town. The administration are morehead are careing but sadly it seems more and more that they only see students as account numbers. The housing administration are amazing and really care about the students. most students feel really safe on campus because of the constant patrol of the university police. Students have pride in the university and will defend the university at a snap of the figure. The most frequent student complaints always deal with food. The food services are always improving but sometimes you have to wonder if the food is really that great. The university community is like one big family, which I accord to the small community and the level of skill that the residence halls are run.

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