Morehead State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I think anyone who wants to go to a laid back fun-filled school! It is extremely environmentally friendly and everyone there is very friendly! It is a perfect sized school in my opinion.


If you are afraid of going to the big city for school, this is the place for you. It's just small enough, but not too small. If you need more guidance from the faculty, I would also suggest this school.


Someone who isn't afraid to be themselves or someone who is willing to discover who they really are while here. This is a small school, so you have to be ok with the small community. It's small, but it's a great one.


A person who is committed to accomplishing their goals should attend Morehead State University. Morehead welcomes all students and are committed in having a high graduating class rate. If you have a willingness and desire to improve your education, Morehead is a great university to attend.


A down to earth, motivated person who wants a great public education at low cost in a small town setting should attend Morehead State University.


To come here you must be goal/career oreinted and determined. This school(or college period) \ is not lke high school and it's not those communtiy colleges either. You do have to work as some of the classes to recieve a good grade, but it's not like you'll be stuck in your room all day. It will be all worh it the end.


Every one.


Students who like a small town enviornment with small classes and personal interaction. It is a becautiful campus and does refelct diversity, but an outgoing person who enjoys meeting new people would help at this campus.


Someone who wants to experience a community. It is a very small tight-knit community.


Someone who is interested in the arts, or education would be perfect for this university.


If you are looking diversity, it's not here. In the last two years that I have been they have made an effort to improve it, but it seems to be a losing battle. Also, if you're looking for a campus that is exciting on the weekend and on the weekday, then go somewhere else. Campus groups host many fun events during the week, but people tend to live close by and this wound be considered a suitcase college. Students tend to live on the weekends unless there is something really big going on or an athletic event.


You have to be ablt to adapt to the country lifesyle very easy. You should have an idea of what you want before you com. if not you will feel like you are running in constant circle. which gets you no where. you shoudl also be ready for the peer pressure. what ever you had in high school times it by 10 at least. You should get your self ready for tons of homework. each professor gives homework as if they are the only professor that will give you homeowork.


Everyone! Especially students who are not sure about there major or people who do not like to sit in big classes.


The type of person who should attend this school is the type of person who is willing to work towards a degree to their career. Anyone who enjoys small classrooms, one-on-one help with the professors, and a close group of friends. This school is perfect for students who are outgoing, determined, and responsible.


If you like to make your own fun, make your own friends, or join a fraternity/sorority, this is the school for you.


person that like to be in a smaller enviorment

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