Morehouse College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Morehouse College is an incubator for the development of African-American men who have a desire to provoke change in their given spheres of influence.


Morehouse College is an academically rigorous school that developes a young adult into a well-rounded man that aspires to impact the world.


Chaotic, diverse, challenging, depressing, and memorable is how I would describe Morehouse College.


Morehouse College is an illustrious college with a well known history and indescribable mystique that builds young men into renaissance men to go out and change the world for the better to make it a better place to live in


Morehouse College is a very prestigious, historically black university that have produced great upstanding men in today's society.


Morehouse College is a feeder of great black mean.


Morehouse is the place where strong, responsible, focused, and career-oriented men are strengthened, equipped for success, and developed in preparation for their roles as sons, brothers, community supporters, uncles, successful career-oriented individuals and/or business men, husbands, fathers, and grandfathers.


Morehouse College is a small private college with tremendous opportunities and support systems for young men striving for achievement.




Morehouse College is an illustrious institution focused on developing renasissance men with a social conscience who will one day redefine the world. My school provides opportunities like no other for males of color to develop a brotherly bond in which each member exemplifies the 5 Wells created by our current president Dr. Robert Michael Franklin: Well Read, Well Traveled, Well Spoken, Well Dressed, and, most importantly, Well Balanced. By fulfilling these Wells, a Morehouse Man acknowledges that our community holds a crown above our head so high that we must reach and grow in order for us to wear it.


My school helps mold boys into men with a distinction, who will change the world, one step at a time.


Morehouse College is a small, very prestigious, private school with the mindset that takes pride in old tradition, which is helpful, yet harmful when efforts made to progress in a world of change occur.


I am a very smart, driven, friendly, and thoughtful person.


A very proud and fine institution that seeks to better the "African-American" man so that he can go back to his broken community and make a change by using the knowledge that he gained from Morehouse.


My school is abou t success, brotherhood, and global conscious.


An exeperience and an environment that a price can not be placed on.


My school is a great school that caters to the thirst for knowledge in men and allows them to excel so that they may enter into successful careers.


Morehouse College is a one of a kind school that has a proud tradition of producing great leaders.


Morehouse College is a unique place, but in order to succeed you must stay focused and look for outside assistance pertaining to your course of study or perfessional intrests.


Morehouse college is the best college for me ,not for the student or the name, it the education.


Morehouse College is a historically Black school engrossed in a rich tradition of educating the top African-American males in the world and is a place of immense brotherhood.


Morehouse holds a crown above each of its students heads; she expects that they will grow tall enough to wear it.


Morehouse is a place of excellence in leadership and scholarship.


A socio-economically diverse group of black men who seek more than a college education and who feel called to be greater than society has tagged them to be.


Morehouse College is the single greatest consortium of black male intellectuals and leaders. There is no place like it in the world. Upon entering the student is quickly absorbed into a culture of excellence and, by the end of four years, is transformed into a modern renaissance man.

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