Morehouse College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


There isnt a best thing about MC, one thing I would change is the schools attitude and the way they look down on everyone else, the school is little and you would think more of this school for the price you are paying. When people find out i was once a Morehouse Man they ask why, what was the experience like and is all the things they say about the school true.While at Morehouse i spent most of my time off campus at Morris Brown or Clark Atlanta wasnt never anything interesting ever going on at MC. MC administration has a major attitude problem like they dont like their job they show favoritism toward certain students that sings in the Glee Club or whoever does something special for the school.The most biggest controversy on the campus was when MC described and treated me as a common thug that is nobody and is not going to get ahead in life because i was attending MBC and cause of a confrontation with a MC student which happens to be their fault.yes it is alot of school pride and the only thing that is unusal about MC is that they never interact with the other schools.One thing I will always remember is when MC showed there true colors of who they really were. The main complaints that was a problem at MC was Window Units in the Dorm rooms for all that money we were paying out , no personal school library, limited hot water.


Morehouse is an institution of male empowerment. Not superiority or dominance, but more emphasis on social conscience and enriching of leadership. Here it's a brotherhood, rather innate or learned, we are brothers. There are many times you'll feel like the person to the left or right of you may not have your back, but the environment is great. Good teachers, you'll learn alot about school, but most importantly consciously or subconsciously, you'll envision and fit the mold of the Morehouse man. And you'll instill the lessons that were taught to you (in or out of class) for the rest of your life. It's an experience. Someone told me that from day one. And i'll tell the next class that. Morehouse: an experience.


In the big picture Morehouse is Morehouse. Like any school where the experiences are unique to your setting, it is hard to explain to outsiders. When we speak of "Club Woody" or "Hump Wednesday" or Crown Forum, others just dont understand. I have grown so much from the time I arrived here. I was told, "You wont get this experience anywhere else and I believe that." I love this place more than anything in the world and I would do anything to help it keep its name. I find myself growing attached to it when I am not with it. I find myself noticing things I didn't notice about it before on a daily basis. I find myself becoming a part of it just as much as it has become a a part of me. I find myself at Morehouse because I find Morehouse in me!


It's no different from any other school that is held at a very high regard; the place is a microcosm of real life. I will say that the school atmosphere is generally right of middle with traditional conservative values placed on a high pedestal. Don't come in expecting anything and you will be satisfied with what you get.


....... I got a scholarship? That's a good thing...


The History of the School; More money to have more programs; Just right; In shock and awwee; Admissions office helping the next class; College Town; Needs Improvement; OBAMA VS. CLINTON; YES MUCH SCHOOL PRIDE CHECK OUT THE NALIA EVEN CELEBS WEAR IT; whats unusual is the greatness cant be summed up it's our mystique!


The best thing about Morehouse College is the brotherhood and comradely. Though we are a predominately black institution we are a diverse group of men with so many different backgrounds. We come together, work together, and look out for one another. I tell people back home in Bermuda I have 3 brothers, at Morehouse College I have 3000 brothers... The only thing I would change at Morehouse is the Registration process for class overload. Morehouse is a small school and I really do like that way. When people here I go to Morehouse they are immediatly impressed and think I am very smart.. On campus I spend most of time in class but when I am not there I am usually sitting on the benches in front of the cafeteria...(the caf)... Morehouse Administration- I really depends on who you are dealing with...Some people are very lazy, others are anal, while some are helpful and willing to go the extra mile for you... Biggest controversy on campus right now is how the image of the Man of Morehouse (enrolled students...) and the Morehouse Man image is changing. There is great school pride at Morehouse!! One experience I will never forget...New Student Orienation... Frequent student complaints..

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