Morehouse College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most fustrating thig about Morehouse College is simply having the finaces to pay for school. Being that morehouse is a private school it qute hard to get maximum funding from the Military or the government. So for an African American like my self who has little to no family that can afford to help fund my schooling, I belive its quite fustrating. Exspecailly when your heart is set on going to school.


There is so much to do, however I'm just not sure which clubs/organizations I really want to commit to. I even find myself confused about what career I want to pursue because everything seems so interesting.


The support that I received from upper classmen, my fraternity brothers, and the academic quality and attitude of success that exists in this school. My experience here has really helped me grow as a responsible and focused man. The opportunities to give back to the community by volunteering through my fraternity have also helped me stay in tune with the needs of the community and especially the kids that I have come across.


The most frustrating thing about Morehouse College has to be its financial assistance department. Although Morehouse College was voted the best college for black men, it has a hard time supporting its students, many who come from middle class families that need help paying for their son's education. Many 4.0 students have had to leave due to the strain their tuition and room & board has put upon them. It is frustrating how such potential can easily be extinguished at such a fine institution.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of scholarships available. There are a lot of students who have a 3.5 G.P.A or better like myself at the end of this semester who get no scholarships from the school at all. This is a private school so it is not cheap at all. I think if you are making the grades and applying your self in programs and such then you deserve some help financially.


Their is nothing frustrating about my school. It's a fine prestigous school.


Actually, I don't find anything frustration about Morehouse College. Perhaps, since it is an all male student population, I could say the lack of exposure to females, but fortunately the location is in a triangle, with Spellman College (all female), and Clark Atlanta University as neighbors.


The most Frustrating thing about Morehouse College is the financial need. Most of the students that attend my institution dont come from wealthy families, but from the ghettos and wreckless neighborhoods only trying to better themselves. The cost of full year tuition at Morehouse College is $40,000 and yes that is the most frustrating thing about my fine institution.


The food is the most frustrating thing. I've never eaten such horrible food in my life. It gets very old and you start to get tired of eating it. Sometimes it can be VERY nasty.


The way the Financial Aid office is ran. The advisors do not advise and they always take the long way to do things.


The tuition is always most frustrating for me. I come for a low income home in which my father is only employed. He does not help me with tuition nor do I ever have a cosigner to take out a loan. And on top of that my parents are going through a divorce. So once again tuition will be the ultimate frustrating factor as I attempt to attend school this coming semester.


The most fustrating thing i wouls say about my school is that some of the students don't have respect for some of the unpreviliged students that are there.


While my experience at Morehouse was good, I felt that the lack of diversity did not fully prepare students for what they would face on the outside of Morehouse's sheltering walls. I grew up in diverse neighborhoods filled with conflicting ideals all competing to be heard. I feel that college should expose students to that. It is the responsibility of a higher learning institution to provide students with a safe preview of the world to come and Morehouse did not adequately provide that experience.


The most frustrating thing I would have to say is the internet base at Morehouse College because when you need to be up and working, it is down and ALWAYS provides an inconvenience.


The most frustrating thing about school is securing finances. Although financial aid is available, it is still hard to secure all monies needed for the year.


The poor customer service that the school staff shows towards the students.

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