Morgan State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the security grounds of the campus and the campus transportation shuttles. I believe the campus should be completely gated to prevent non students from access to the campus. Transportation shuttles I beleive should be more prompt when transporting students.




The worst thing about my school is the lack of communication among offices. You often recieve mixed information from different offices creating confusion and mistakes in your educational decision making.


The worst thing about our schools is the residence halls and also the cafeteria foods.


The worst part of Morgan would be that it can be unsafe at times, however there are a lot of security initiatives that are going to be taken into effect in the near future, but I do not think they are to stop crimes from happening in the first place. They are probably more geared towards reporting crimes more quickly and efficiently, which is a step in the right direction.


I would like to see more people finish their academic careers on time and the rentention rate at my University to increase in the near future.


The food isn't too nutricious and the housing isn't very appealing.


Students who attend Morgan State University that have no drive to earn good grades or do well in their classes is what I consider the worst thing about my school. There are many distractions in college whether they are in the classroom or on campus. It is very easy to get distracted from the most important reason a student is attending college which is to graduate with a degree. There may be a period when a student loses sight on what is essential during his college career, but his most important job is to get back focused on his academics.


The worst thing about Morgan state would have to be the organization of the financial aid department. There is always something missing or something was put in wrong. Whatever the case may be every person attending has had a problem somewhere along the line with the financial department.


My university is one that I really proud of and privileged to matriculate in and also would get a Bachelor's degree from. However, the perception of the public on Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCU), stereotypes that such universities are unable to groom the world's best graduates in Engineering, Business, Liberal Arts and the social sciences is very disturbing. In recent years and also ongoing, there been tremendous improvement and expansion in the academic programs, customer service, infrastructure and the overall visibility of the university. Hence, my university is one I am very proud of.


I have not had any thing to complain about Morgan.


People's attitudes




One of the most difficult aspects of attending Morgan State University is that it is underfunded outside of it's amazing engineering and communications programs. Morgan State is similar to many other historically black universities because it does not get substantial alumni support outside of the programs that are already doing exceedingly well. Therefore, if someone is majoring in a subject out of the already mentioned engineering communications then you are in for antiquated materials. This can be frustrating because as a biology major I can expect old laboratory materials for class. Also, Morgan does not facilitate new internships well.


Well since my school is an open campus, it is located in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Baltimore city. This allows outsiders with harmful intentions to entire some of the buildings and other facilities.


the worst thing about my school is that it is located in the city of baltimore. so there are always people who do not attend the school on the campus. This I do not like because i feel like i dont get the full college experience that students at others schools might get


The worst thing about my school is the lack of school spirit and ambition from the students. The only time the students have school spirit is during homecoming week, and most of the school spirit comes from the alumni. Also, the majority of the students would rather do the bare minimum than challenging themselves to get a higher grade. They make students like myself feel "weird"because I care about not getting an A.


I believe the worst thing about MSU is that the campus is open. There isn't much protection from the crime in the surrounding community.


i don't have many negative aspects about college. At least, unfortunate things had not happen to me yet. i can not say the same for others because during 2012/2013 school year, lots of students were victim of a rubberies. luckly i was not that person, but it could have had happened to me. There were not just a rubbery incident, but also a gun shot violence. The gun shot violence did not involve the students but some individuals that do not attend school but rather wanted to settle their unfortunate war on the cumpas. luckly no one died.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the Nursing Program. I feel that it is extremely unorganized.


The only thing I would have to say is the worst thing on our campus is some of the housing. Most of them need a upgrade, especially on the elevators. They have broken down a little too many times and sometimes student have gotten stuck on them. Plus, too many bugs entering the buildings, they should definitly do something about that.


The worst thing about my school is how unorganized it is. Particularly how unorganized it is in the financial aid department and bursar office. If you are not on top of things financially then you should be because Morgan is known for losing or misplacing important documents. However, I am glad to say I have never personally been through any binds with the school.


Th worst thing about my school is the fact tht it is not diverse at all. I came from a diverse background of schools, so this is new to me.


On campus construction. Because they have re-routed where we are able to walk to access certain parts of the campus.


the deparments lack of love for students


The Food would probably be the worst! Avoid the refac at all cost! The Canteen has less greasy, more healthy options Monday-Friday.


Worst thing at my school are our dorm buildings. they need to be renovated.


The financial aid office is the only thing I can say is horrible at Morgan. They will make you pull every strand of hair out of your head. They seem to not care that you are fighting to pay for school and that you are already struggling with classes and grades. The lines to talk to a person is always long during the beginning and end of the semester and when you call expect to be on hold for a couple of minutes before talking to someone.


The size of the campus.. Its big.


i would consider the worst thing being the location, In the not so best part of baltimore


The worst thing about my school is that everyone likes to party. Partying should not be the main thing you should be focused on, especially if you are paying fot school. Me, personally, did not go to one party the whole year and it really did reflect on my grades at the end of both the fall and spring semesters. A little fun is needed sometimes but not everyday.




The food, some employees, and condition of the livibg arrangements. Also there is no soccer team


Lack of campus security.


Worst thing about my school is the amount of money they want from the students each year.


There are random crimes that happen on and around the campus such as, robbery, and shootings. This is mainly people from the surrounding neighborhood that find a way on campus.


The worst thing about my school would be that unorganized admissions office. There is always a problem when someones needs something from them. They loose things constantly and then give attitude like the student is the one to blame.


I would consider the worst thing about my school to be the resident visitation hours. The visitation hours are typically about 4pm-11pm. However, there are many occasions where it would be much more convenient for a friend to come over earlier than 4pm, or stay later than 11pm. I feel as though we are young adults and we should be given the opportunity to have guests whenever we choose to, or longer and more flexible hours, rather than the multiple restrictions that we are presented with.


The administartion in the different offices (records and registration; bursar's office, etc.) are rude and impatient most days.


The worse thing about my school is the neighborhood where its located. The neighborhood gets a lot of crime and as a result the school gets a lot of crime, but Morgan does the best it can as far as security and safety and making sure that if something is happening on campus that everyone is notified through text and email. Crime is something to expect though because Baltimore is a very urban area with a lot of people, and with a lot of people brings a lot of crime.


One thing about Morgan that I think they can work on as a whole is that the faculty seems to be really unorganized. They don't update the system on a daily basis. Alot of the times students find themselves in limbo because their account says one thing when in actuality it is the opposite .


The worst thing about my university is the food. The food that is served is very fattening. Although I know we are in college I feel more healthy food should be distributed. Also, the organiztion of the food services are horrible.


I consider the staff not to be as friendly as they should be towards students in need. The faculty and school has to remember that students make the university or they would not have jobs. Secondly, the choices for food and meal plans on campus is very poor. They don't really take into consideration that students are on a time limit. Also the choices of food is so poor that many students rather eat out then eat on campus; which means they are wasting a meal plan that they have to pay for if they live on campus.


I think the worst things about my school is the financial aid office. They constantly have me in long lines. They never pull my fafsa when they are suppose to. They are also known for loosing files and many important documents.


The worst part about going to Morgan State University is the finacial aid department. Since Morgan State recieve little money from the federal government the school doesnt offer alot of scholarships and fincial aid programs. With the over flow of students who come every year some students find it very diffucult to pay for school and evenually transfer to a school how has more funding, or they take loans out to pay for school.


The worst thing about Morgan State University is the financial Aid andrecords and registration offices. Theses two places are the worst places to be on a weekday because the are always filled with students complaining or begging for assistance. These offices are the worst staffed places on the entire campus because its always one person on duty trying to help 100 or more students at one time. The records and registration office is the worst place to find your records because they almost always lose your transcripts or anything that you send in to them.


The worst thing about my school is the food in the refactory , in my opinion most of the food is very unhealthy and it is just allowing more Americans and Black African American at that to be prone to obesity and other health issues.


The worst thing about my school is the on campus housing. The females only get two buldings: one for honors and one for everyone else. The males on campus get 4 plus the co-ed building. There are over 800 women that share over 8 floors and it make it very difficult to stay on top of things like fights and unclean people. In my opinion there are just too many women, when one female does soemthing it effects too many other people. It make it very frustrating for the other 799 people to live comfortably.


Honestly the food could be a lot better than what it already is. Half the time at school I'm trying to figure out what I may be eating. It looks like chicken, smells like pasta, but tastes like fish. It?s absolutely frustrating, but it?s my first year so hopefully I'll get use to it. Either get use to it or over load myself with McDonalds from across the street.


The worst thing about Morgan is the graduation rate. The graduation rate is 32% which shows the many who drop out for various reasons. Many people drop out their freshmen year which shows the level of work they put in class. It also shows the lack of focus on the parts of the students. Even though the rate is low, there are many students that take their work very seriuosly and do so studying very dilligently