Morgan State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best thing about Morgan State University is the spirit of the students on campus. When there are events and things planned the students stand together and have such a pride about the school. Morgan state is the perfect size university althought it's approximately 8,000 students enrolled it seems so small especially once you get involved in different activities and student organizations. I do wish that I can change the cafe eating on campus there isn't much food choices or variety. I enjoy the close knit relationship you can built with the administration and staff especially when you get settled in with your major and advisors. If I'm not in class I spend a lot of time in our new university student center that's the core of campus and where plenty events take place.. People always give me positive feedback when I tell them I attend Morgan. The administration is good but like any other university things get hectic at times when dealing with a school as big as Morgan. Overall I love Morgan State university , it is a friendly and eager to learn environment


You most likely will find a crowd of people that you can connect with because there is a lot of diversity. In addition, if you pay attention you will learn something. Unfortunately, the food is not that great. Its okay at best with a few food items that are good. One experience that I'll always remember was being apart of the original rawlings steppers! yeaaaaa


The best part about Morgan State is the passion the faculty and staff have about the university. The majority of the workers from the deans to the janitors are Morgan alumni. Everyone bleeds orange and blue! There is nothing that I would change about my university. The campus is not too large and not too small, its just right. Whenever I inform someone that I am a Morgan student, they automatically get excited and have stories to tell. Everyone loves Morgan! There are over 300 student activities on campus so no matter what you are interested in, Morgan has it. We are an open campus and because of that, we have our own police department right on campus to ensure our safety. Aside from the normal homecoming, our university also has "I Love Morgan Week", which is another fun week of activities where the campus comes together and shows how much we all love our university. From our highly recognized engineering program to our Earl G. Graves School of Business, education at Morgan is top of the line. Our univeristy is constantly improving. We are currently renovating our academic quad and we have a brand new 65 million dollar library that is only a few years old. From school pride to the academic opportunities all I can say is; I love my HBCU!


Morgan State University is an outstanding HBCU. Recently, Morgan was featured as one of the nation’s best colleges by Forbes Magazine 2011. Several undergraduate and graduate academic programs have been implemented in the school’s curriculum. Online degrees can be earned in several programs. The best thing about Morgan is the diversity of students; however, there are more blacks due to its location and it being an HBCU. Morgan is well known for its outstanding performance in producing excellent Engineering and Business students. So if you are looking into furthering your education in fields related to Engineering or Business, Morgan is the place for you. If you are concerning other majors, that is also a good decision, just ensure you outshine wherever you are because that's what counts. The University Student Center and the Richardson library being amongst the newest and most magnificent buildings on campus happen to attract students. In addition, the administration at Morgan is really impressive; the President of Morgan State University, Dr. David Wilson is a great leader. Town hall meeting takes place every semester so that students can voice their opinions. Professors are very helpful; utilizing their office hours will make school much easier. Frankly, the only place that just about every student has an issue with is the Montebello complex, precisely, Financial Aid. If you are lucky enough to have no issues with that department, then school will be so much blissful. There is a lot school pride here at Morgan; students love to flaunt their blue and orange outfits. Also, students participate in community service in and outside the school. The "I love Morgan" day is a very grand celebration in which programs could last for a week. I will always remember my inauguration into the honors society and recognition as a 4.0 scholar in the School of Engineering. That's one thing you will love about Morgan, the outstanding students are always recognized and celebrated.


Our best feature is our president, Dr. David Wilson. He is an innovative revolutionary, and through him, the gates to our world-renowned success will be achieved. He exercises principles of taking action, rather than sour complaining or idle discussion. Unfortunately, our worst feature is yet to be determined; it’s either the students, or the rest of the staff. As a first-semester freshman, all of the professors I’ve encountered have blessed me with generosity and dedication. Yet, the students more than often choose not to return that same fervor. On that same note, though, the professors aren’t the only Morgan staff. Our most frequent complaint falls under the responsibility of the admissions department. They are disorganized, usually present a less-than-enthusiastic attitude about the services they are being paid to provide—there are major deficits in commitment on either side of the spectrum. Our president deserves a stronger, more unified front.


As a new transfer student, I was not sure what to expect from Morgan State University. After realizing a wrong fit at my first college, I was weary of making the wrong decision twice. I am now two months into the Graves School Honors Program at Morgan, I cannot say enough about the dedication and commitment of the team leading this program. Their interest in our learning motivates us everyday to go beyond our own expectations. This is what the college experience should feel like. Thank you GSBM. Proud to be Graves Honors.