Morgan State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A student with no goals / ambition or very sheltered. This campus moves fast, requiring new students to hit the ground running. This challenges them for the tasks of becoming an upperclassmen and dealing with the workforce after graduation.


I want more international students to attend Morgan, but the ideal student is someone who lives in the state of Maryland, who is involved in programs like SGA or class offices. Students who have a lot of school pride and knows how to manage their school work but still have fun should attend.


People who are not serious about there education. Who are not willing to put in the hard work to be successful in life.


Lazy students.


it is a HBCU so should be culturally aware have a desire to change the surrounding community and challennges the African American community faces


Anyone interested in rich diversity will do great here.


An outgoing person that loves to meet new people should attend this school.


People should not attend this school if there major school is not certified.


The kind of people that should not attend Morgan State are people who worries more about their appearance or popularity than focusing on their studies. This can cause you to fail classes and have a low GPA. Also, if a Morgan student picks a non-accredited major, such as nursing, or majors that are poorly funded by the school, such as communications, they should not attend this school.


A person who would want to attend a larger school with a lot of school spirit.


A person who is not looking for diversity and does not want to be challenged.


the kind of person that should'nt apply to morgan is a lazy one. if your not going to apply yourself in class then its a waste of time to show up


Caucasians because the school is 93% african american but we do admire those who are there.


People who are motivated to do great things.


Everyone should consider college. Morgan is open to everyone.


I don't believe there is any student who cannot thrive at Morgan. Morgan provides so much diversity in so many ways, that I believe any student can find there way. It would be a personal choice for anyone to deicde not to stay at Morgan. Morgan may not have everything together, but it is a work in progess and the experiences one can gain from it can provide a lifetime of benefits.


People underestimated Morgan. Don't come to Morgan if you dont have no work ethnic. Don't come to morgan if you dont want to succeed in life or care about your future


There is not a particular persoon that should not attend Morgan State for anyon reason. The university is open to people attending .


A person who does not want to be around a lot of people. If one wants to stay to theirself and does not have any school spirit or one who does not fight for their beliefs should not attend Morgan State.


Your not the kind of student that should come here, if you have done well in school your whole life, and college is just something you have to do, to get a good job.


Someone who is not serious about school should not attend Morgan State University. They shouldnt attend because being that Morgan State is a party school, partying everyday while not help you in your future because you will not be able to focus on your schoolwork. In order for a college student to be successful in their future it starts with getting a good education and god college grades.


A person that is not serius about school. Morgan is an excellent STEM school and give great opportunities to to learn.


Conservatives, Morgan State University is a very libreal school, and full of students who want to be the change in which they want to see in the world.


What kind of person shouldn't attend Morgan State University? A person who does not want to learn and enjoy a fabolous college experience.


A close minded person should not attend Morgan State University


Morgan State University is a great university that is open to everyone who is willing to learn. If you are not willing to learn, or have no intent to learn, you should not attend this university.


I believe anyone with a fair mindset can attend this school, they will be able to fit into any program, except the engineering and actuarial science program, you have to be very dedicated/committed and willing to learn to be involved in the engineering department. i think other departments are more easy going.


There is no preference on which type a person should attend a school, it should be aske, what type of school should a person want to attend.


I believe that everyone is entitled to attend Morgan, we do not discriminate.


I believe everyone should be able to have the opportunity to attend Morgan State University. Morgan State University has a very diverse background; no one should be excluded from this opportunity. If I had to choose what kind of person shouldn’t attend Morgan State University, it should be those not interested in furthering their education.


I think it is open to anyone to attend. It is very diverse.


Morgan is for all types of people. even though Morgan is a HBCU, they do not discriminate.


Anyone who is looking for a very white, conservative value-based education should not attend this school.


A person that is easily influenced or swayed by partying.


If you are not self motivated.


I would suggest the type of person who should not attend Morgan State University, would be a person who lacks focus and doesn’t want to succeed. If the person is only going to college because their parents told them they have to go, then this college is not for them. Because a lot of students, who are not interested in their education I know failed the first semester. They were too busy going to the parties and hanging out with the new people they just meet, then gaining an education. So, overall “slackers” shouldn’t attend Morgan State University.


A person who isn't serious about their future. Someone who isn't ready to fce the responsibilites of being an adult. If you're not ready to realize that the world is bigger than yourself and you have to work hard to live in it, you shouldn't attend this college or any college.


People with racial issues, especially if they don't like blacks or those from Asia/the Middle East.


Morgan state university is an HBCU (Historical Black College University). Many people don’t think much of an HBCU and is usually not someone first option for an undergraduate education; but an HBCU has a lot to offer. My name is DeJanee Fennell and I am of African descent. The Kind of person that should attend Morgan state university should be a person who thirst for knowledge as well as a person who want to be surrounded by the culture experience; A student who wants to learn more about black history as well as their course of study.


There isn't one person I wouldn't recommend Morgan State.


Any type of student should apply to Morgn state University. There is not a specific type of person that should attend the school. The school is a very diversed school filled with all types of people and and programs. College is college you are there to learn not to fit in.


If you are expecting a five star course meal then my school would not be suitable for you. But if a good education and great teaches can help your taste buds find a common balance than Morgan State is your kind of school. The food may not be good but when normality comes around the food can be very pleasing.


A person who does not want to spend four years of their life learning and enhancing their abilities in order to get ahead in life. Also one who does not want to pursue a career in a field that requires a bachelor's degree.


Antisocial person.


The king of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who couldn't deal with stuck up people.


anyone who is lazy, and don't want to work towards thier future shouldn't attent this school. This school does not tolerate that kind of behavior.




I think a person who knows exactly what they want to do with their life and have goals set.




The type of people who shouldn't attend this school are closed-minded ones.