Morgan State University Top Questions

When you step off campus what do you see?


When you step off campus, the first thing you'll see is Hillen Rd where there is the bus stop for Route 33 ( $1.60 for a single trip fare and $3.50 for a day pass) and the Collegetown shuttle which is free to Students as long as they show their School ID. This shuttle takes students to the other nearby colleges such as; Loyola University, Towson University, Johns Hopskins and others. The Shuttletown also takes students to the main attractions of Downtown Baltimore, Penn Station, Towson Mall and others. Right across the campus is the Northwood Neighborhood which comprises of the shopping center and houses. Further down Hillen road is the Lake Montebello.


I would say that are campus is directly next to an Urban Setting. However we have so many schools that are in close proximity like Towson University, John Hopkins, University of Maryland College Park, Coppin University, Loyola, etc. Therefore in driving distance there are many places to visit like the mall, the movies, the harbor which has additional shops and restaurants, etc. There are a lot of things to do like the zoo, the aquarium, a ice skating and skating rink, it all depends on what you are interested in.


There is a shopping center across the street that has a drug store, fast food restaurants, grocery store, hair salon, nail salon, barbershop, and bus stops that take you to the local mall.


When I step off campus I see a few shopping centers, more student housing and a student friendly neighborhood. the campus is in a good environment loaded with trees and clean paved roads and side walks. The students some times complain about the parking availability but there is a multi-leveld parking garage located in the middle of campus.


Delapitated neighborhoods and run down strip malls. The roads are deteriorating and are covered with potholes. I spend over a thousand dollars every year on my vehicle for wear and tear from my comute on these terrible Baltimore roads.


When you step off campus you will a quiet Baltimore neighborhood. Conveniently placed across from the major freshman dorms is Northwood Plaza where there is a carryout,pharmacy, clothing store, hair salon, barber shop, and grocery store. Montebello Lake is down the street and has a trail surrounding it where pedestrians walk or ride bikes.


when you step off campus you tend to see a typical baltimore neighborhood with friendly neighbos and some local shopping centers.


When you step off campus you will mostly see busy streets. Aside from the streets there is Northwood Plaza where there are carryouts,pharmacies, clothing stores, hair salon, barber shop, and grocery store. Montebello Lake is something else that you will see when you step off campus. It is a beautiful lake with a path surrounding it where pedestrians walk, or ride bikes.


There's not much to see right off campus. The only thing of interest to me is Safeway supermarket because they have the most delicious soups! But don't fear, it's only ten minutes to downtown and a world of things to see and do, especially if you're into the arts. There are bus stops on campus and we now have the Collegetown shuttle so everything is easily accessible.


The vernacular answer to this question is "the hood". Northwood is dirty, downtrodden, and nothing like the Towson or Johns Hopkins University off-campus scene. Our president is working on revamping the entire Northwood Shopping Center, our biggest eyesore. This is especially necessary considering the fact that the new Behavior Sciences building is currently being prepared there. Hopefully, we make a lot of progress in a little bit of time.