Morrisville State College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


While giving advice to my high-school self, I’d strive to circumvent some of the unnecessary stress and insecurity without taking away from two essential parts of my personal college experience: self-exploration and confidence gaining. The first thing I’d want to tell myself would be to take one semester off, maybe volunteer abroad, maybe delve into poetry or learn a musical instrument. I would want to urge myself to ease into college, taking one or two classes to start and working up to full time after a couple semesters. First, however, I would have to convince myself that it’s okay to be overwhelmed, it’s okay to not know what you want to do for the rest of your life, and it’s okay to ask for help. I’d emphasize that failure can make goals even more enticing and once reached, even more savory. Perhaps I would stray from the topic a bit and teach myself some yoga. This would show my former self how to detach just a little from expectations and fears and hopefully use it as a tool to help discover the things I am saying now a little sooner in life.


i would tell myself to take your education more serious so i can get into a better school so i will have a better future so i can provide better for my family.


I would tell myself to be more independent in High School. The college life requires you to be on your own and learn from your mistakes. I would also prepare myself to meet new people, by communicating more with others. You cannot relay on anyone, but yourself in college. So I would tell people to think before they act, do not do something just because everyone else does it, to fit in. Be yourself!


Go to college now, don't wait!!


If I could go back in time, to when I was in High School Senior, I would tell myself to be more serious about my future. Although I was not a bad student, I feel that I should have been more attentive in my studies. I went to College right after I graduated but, discovered I was pregnant approximately three months into my first semester, and I dropped out. After twenty years, three children, and a recent job displacement, I decided to pursue what I hadn't finished sooner, that was my College education. My decision was also influenced by my daughter that I had quit College the first time for. She had just Graduated High School and, for medical reasons, couldn't pursue the career of her choice. I had to show her that when life knocks you down, you have to get back up because, it is never too late to follow your dreams. I do not regret going back to College. it has been very exciting and challenging.


First off, i would tell myself to take the advantage and opportunity to go to college very seriously. College is a totally different feeling and experience from high school and you are somewhat considered o your own interms of a lot of things. When you go to college, dont forget to focus on what and why you are there for. In college, you wont have teachers to force you to go to class and attend classes and do your academic work, every decision you make is and will affect you and you only, and there are no parenting like individuals there to stay on your case to get things done. Go to colllege, make friends, enjoy the fun interesting experience and do what you have to do. Stay focus, be dedicated and determine.


I would advice myself to make up your mind about what career you want to pursue. It is very important to make a firm decision about what career you want to pursue and not spend more than a year just taking classes. Talk to an advisor, be advised about the wonderful careers that the school has to offer. Be involved, join clubs and actively participate promoting school pride and public awereness. Study, study, study hard. Enjoy all subjects, although some might be harder than others to you, all courses are important. What you learn in one course will help understand another course with a different professor. Learn and not memorize, memorizing information always come back at the end of the semester and bites you hard. The last word of advise would be to enjoy your time while learning. Sometimes you might not understand a subject, just ask and network with other students. Chances are that other students feel the same way you feel. Enjoy!


If i could go back in time, I would tell myself as a high school senior that college is a positive experience that should be encouraging. College is a large stepping stone to bigger and better things that revolve around your best interests. Even if your career choice hasn't been decided, it is much easier to switch from a general studies program to the program you want rather than applying for college when you have finally decided.


I would tell myself to take more college credited classes while i was in high school. I would also tell myself that high school is not the real world and that it does not matter how many friends i have or how popular i am. I encourage myself to study harder and apply myself more towards my studies, education is not free forever. I would want myself to know that even if people do not see me as their friend they may see me as a classmate and that is good enough. I would like to tell myself not to worry about what i am going to do for the next thirty years rather what am i going to do tonight for dinner. In the end i would like to tell myself that if i work hard and study harder nothing is impossible.


Go into college with an open mind. Be willing to try new things and to not like some of them. Don't segregate yourself from the outside world. You will meet many different students and teachers and must keep an open mind.


So far what I gotten out of my college experience is a new insight on things. I learn to question things and critically think.


I would tell myself to not be afriad to speak up in class and if you don't understand something, at the end of the class ask the teacher to explain the work to you. The most important thing of all make your self adapt to waking up for 8 o clock classes early so you won't have any trouble getting up in the morning. Be more out going by joining different clubs and making new friends. Make the library your friend, go there more often because thats where the tutoring sessions are held. I know it's going to be hard but motivate yourself to push through the work and your hard work will pay off with a 3.02. Plus there will always be a party so most of the time it's better to miss a coulpe of parties than to miss a couple of homework assingments. Also, life isn't always hard so have some fun and live your life because each day you will learn how to be more independent. One more thing when your traveling back and forth from home to school try to pack light to avoid your father yelling at you.


Don't take your education so lightly cuz life is short and it moves fast. before you know it you'll find your self like me trying to get back into school and do the right thing. Money will always be there to don't worry bout the little money you get now think about the Millions you can make when you finish school. Don't doubt your self you can do all things threw christ


I would tell myself that though the transition will be difficult at first, you will get through it and though you don't always physically have someone right there to talk to, you have people there for you. I would also tell myself to look on the positive side of everything, trials and tribulations are going to test you, and make you stronger. You will find some of your best friends when you least expect it, they will become as close as family to you if you let them, don't push people away in fear, and don't be so stubborn about getting help when you need it, you're not a burden to your friends, and you are a student athlete and a leader.


There are many things that high school seniors stress out about their senior year in trying to prepare themselves for college. Now that I have already passed through that phase and I look back there are many things that I could have done differently. The biggest piece of advice that I can give now does not have to do with financial aid or picking the perfect school, it's about keeping the connections with the people closest to you, while leaping into a major expierence in your life. When people go off to college their old friendships dwindle. You always hear about how they'd wished they would have kept in touch with certain people. When I left for college I didn't get to say goodbye to my best friend and I hardly talked to her the first few months of school. Now that my first semester of school is done I look back and wish that i would have stayed in better touch with her and that we would have talked more. So my one piece of advice would be to not let your friends slide to the side when you go off to college.


If I could go back in time to when I was a senior, I would tell myself to apply for every college possible! At that time I was so concerned with "big name" colleges and universities that I was not thinking about something that could have possibly changed my life. I would have told myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible. I would have said that I needed to visit the schools to get a better understanding of what college required of me. I wish I knew then what I know now.


I would tell myself to go to college straight out of high school instead of going to work for a couple years, because in that time I aquired alot of bills that I still have to deal with on top of paying for college. I would also tell myself to try to find a college where I can live with a family member and commute to school instead of living on campus, because it will save me a lot of money.


The advice I give parents and students about finding the right college and making the most of the experience. This would be, "doing waste time", be serious about your education. If you chose to complete 4-years, the time will go fast. The best advice of all is to stay away from bad friends, smoking, drugs, alcohol, peer pressure. You can have fun without using any of these substances. And the advice for parents is to motivate, encourge your child to do their best to a bright future. Overall, Morrisville State College is a good school because of the professors and the staff.


work together, its not just up to the sudent its also up to the parents and visa versa. talk to eachother and listen to eachother. and both do reseach on your own and see were it takes you compare and look together and see what both of you can find...most importantly relax its not the end of the word if you dont get into your number one college you could always transfer to it after you go to a school and take time to get some credits to show the college that you were looking at that you are what they are looking for.


To parents and their future students, If your child is thinking about going to college, think about the environment that will best benefit them because the environment the child is in always impacts how the child do well in the school work or who they surround themselves with.


Research the colleges. Complete campus visits to make sure that the college is right for you.


Small class sizes help in determining the college you want to attend.


Make sure you are activily involved in extra curricular activies, and you put your entire heart into everything you do.


Finding the right college is simple and hard. It needs to be a place you would feel comfortable for 2-4 years and meets all your personal requirements (housing, clubs, sports, food, size, acedemics, ect). To make the most of the experience, get out and go to the offered social programs sponsored by the school. That's how I made all of my friends and I would reccomened the same to anyone looking to get started with their experience. Be sure to have fun (but not too much) and remember to study/do homework.


In choosing which college is best for you or your child make sure its a college that both you and your child agree and feel that it the right choice. College is suppose to be a fun learning experience , with different opportunities and doors opening for your future.


Select a college with a variety of programs that have some interest to you so if you change your mind you can change your major. Visit the college and talk to students that are attending now. Not just the students who give tours. Talk to random students and ask them what they like and dislike about the school. Talk to the professors that will be teaching your classes. Introduce yourself to the people in the financial aid office, admissions office and housing office. Get a name in each of these offices in case you need information that isn't on the web site. Visit the web site to see what kind of advertisement they have for activities. Be sure to attend all orientations and participate in activities to meet other students. Start the semester with a positive attitude and attend all classes. Complete work on time. Don't skip classes. If you are having problems seek help immediately before you get in over your head. Be sure to have some free time to relax and enjoy your college experience, but remember you are there to get an acedemic education.