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Motlow State Community College

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First and foremost, Motlow State Community college is, to my understanding, the cheapest school in Tennessee, which was a huge pull to me. Of course, I though that, because of the low cost of attendance, I would not be getting the fullest education or have access to the best resources, but I was surprised to find that Motlow employs state-of-the-art teaching devices in many aspects, and the programs overall seem to be bolstered by careful budgeting. Our school has many events held annually to boost school spirit and promote extracurricular learning experiences.

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I attend the Smyrna campus, and do not veiw it so much as unique. It is a college I chose for financial reasons. It is an extremely small campus with not a whole lot of options at this particular college. It is great for those who would like to be an RN, because they have a 2-year RN program, but it is very competitive. In addition, it is a good place to get prerequisites out of the way in order to transfer to a university.

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It was cheap and close to home.

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