Mount Mary University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I had known before I started at Mount Mary University that there is required community service. All students are required to do community service, and I wish that I had been alerted of that before hand because it is a big deal. It worked out fine, and I have no problem completing it. I just wish I had been aware of it before enrolling.


Coming to Mount Mary University, I wish I had known the small details about the Caroline Scholarship. It pays for full tuition, board and fees. Although my application was received on time, it was not processed because I put pre-nursing as my major. This minor mistake cost me this amazing scholarship opportunity. I feel that this scholarship would have greatly benefitted my family and me. My parents had 11 children and since my mom is unable to work, paying bills and college tuition is going to be hard for my parents and I wish I got the scholarship.




Nothing. I planned my education out pretty well, and everything has worked out just great so far.


Prior to attending Mt. Mary College I wish I had known that it's okay to be nervous or fearful of change. Many people are. The choice of transitioning from a University to a trade school and finally to Mt. Mary to pursue my passion of Interior Design was simple. However, the act of transitioning to a private and high level school was daunting. After the the first semester at Mt. Mary, it appeared that I had turned my nerves into positive energy, working harder and thus, dominating the challenging course work. Key words: Don't ever give up!


I wish I had known that even though I may not have the save views and beliefs as everyone here, I can still make friends that will last a lifetime.


I wish I had known that I need to take summer classes to finish the Nursing program for four years, as how it is presented in the brochure. Because I do not have any credits in advance and it is not physically impossible for me to take 18 credits a semester that I can cover all the curriculum classes, now I feel very stressed to plan my summer semester.


Nothing. Because Everything about this school is positive. I really like it.


I knew the school reletively well before i attended.


I wish I had known how difficult the transition from High school to College was going to be. I also wish I knew just how hard it is to pay for a private college.


Before attending Mount Mary College, I wish I was more aware of how expensive Mount Mary College was. Not only that, but I also wish I balanced the financial needs for school and home.


How there are lciks based on ethnicity and major


That I would run out of financial aid senior year


I wish i would have known how easy it is to find help. When i say help i mean help with financial aid, help with classroom work (tutors), help with yourself (counseling), help with anything you can think of. I was so stressed out because i was on my own and started with no friends to go through the transition with me. Mount Mary offers so many resources to help make your experience easier and less stressful.


Before I came to school, I think I would probably want to know how the financial aid office and business office work a little bit more. I had some complication with paying for my tuition but everything is all worked out now.


I wish I had research more about the college so I could be more familiar of all the things they are known for.


Before attending Mount Mary College, I wish I knew that education should be taken advantage of because when you have to pay for it, you know how to finally understand the value of an education. I also wish that I applied to more scholarships because they will help you out a lot.


I came From the University-Wisconsin Milwaukee before my first year at mount mary and i wish i had known all of the options and the structure towards my career that Mount Mary offers.


that students do alot of group work and presentations


Before coming to my school, the one thing I wish I would have known before is that the most important thing I need to have is responsibility. No matter how focused and determined I may be to get through school, if I do not have a great deal of self responsibilty I may essentially be setting myself up for failure.


i wish i had known the stresses of social and academic life.


I wish I'd been told that the Fashion Department focuses solely on corporate design at compnies like Kohl's and discourages students who aspire to create higher end fashion or produce wearable art. This school really pushes students inside a box and discourages creativity.


What I wish I had known before I came to this school is the importance of taking classes in a sequence to stay on track with your program. This was not emphasized by any of the school counselors which now I will be going to school longer than necessary. If I was told that in the beginning my classes would have fallen together correctly. The department I am majoring in needs to revamp the program and have strict guidelines what is required.


I wish i would have known that the campus life is very small. Mount Mary is mostly a communator school, which means the dorm life is not very exciting.


I feel that I got the proper orientaion and information I needed before attending this school.


I would have liked to know that the dorms weren't updated and that race wasn't such an issue.