Mount St Mary’s University Top Questions

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Here you'll meet amazing people, have an amazing time and get a great education! I love the Mount and wouldn't trade my time here for anything else.


The rural setting was very unique. The town that it is located in is full of friendly people. Also it is a division 1 school even though it is so small. One other thing is that there are many jobs available in the area for people who want to work while going to school.


The school is small and community based. The campus is beautiful. The people are welcoming. The class sizes are reasonable (not lecture halls of 300). The athletic facilities are attractive. There is strong Catholic faith and tradition on campus. There are strong academics and a high rate of jobs after graduation.


The sense of community is overwhelmingly special and unique to the Mount.


The professors are always willing to work with you when you have questions or need help


Very close knit. You can do everything or do nothing and still have a great time