Mount Vernon Nazarene University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It's close knit, very one on one with the professors, lasting friendships


The good food, great dorms and caring teachers


Free Laundry! At Mount Vernon Nazarene University, you have unlimited access to the laundry services as a residential student. So, while my other friends have to save quarters and air dry their clothes to save money, I can wash and dry my clothes as often as I want without spending an extra cent!


The pretty campus setting and the academics and the Christian environment


My program, Communications in Video and Radio Broadcasting, has state of the art equipment and outstanding training. The program has allowed me to work part time for the radio station, and allows for public appearance, participation in various local events.


I perfer to not 'brag'. To 'talk up' MVNU I usually explain the good atributes of MV, such as: Great academice, good Christian atmosphere etc.


I speak highly of the campus environment and how it caters to focused individuals who stay on task. I would have to say that people here are generally nice and well rounded.


It's safe, friendly, a second home to me and the people are like family.


I really brag about the quality of education that I recieve at this school. I have a general sence of pride for this school, but there is just no match for the education that people recieve at this school. I also brag about the reputation this school holds with employers. There are certain employers who will hire people just because they went to MVNU, on account of the fact that the employer knows about the education that the new employee recieved.


I brag about the relationships students can build with their professors since we have small class sizes and really wonderful professors that are willing to talk, help and even have students over to their houses for meals.


That there is no party scene so we are not tempted to party.


The opportunities to travel abroad and develop relationships with people of an entirely different culture than you are used to rocked my world. I tell everyone about my trips to Venezuela. We have some great athletic teams for a small, private school, too.