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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Make sure parents check the financial aid and see all the options that they have to make sure your child can stay in school. Also your child should get a job even if college is being paid for, they will need money. Check to see if they have activities to interact new students with expirianced ones. Finally visit the campus and see if the future student likes the atmosphere of it all.


Do not just choose a school because of their acamedic standard. College is more then that, but a school where you can get both like Mount Vernon Nazarene University that has acamedic strength and a well formed community.


I would advise future students to become involved. Find activities you are interested in and get involved in them. Meet the people who are involved with you. Do not be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. There is so much room in your life to grow. Do not let the years you spend in college pass you by. Do not let yourself hold any regrets on your graduation day. Also, know what you believe. Know your standards and beliefs. Do not let anyone compromise what you believe. Never be afraid to show your true colors. You will always find people who are the same as you and the people who do not like it do not matter. LIVE YOUR LIFE!


Do not just think about your freshman year. Think about the full college years. Colleges give me a good amount of information, help and financial aid your freshman year, but then just kind of drop off and expect you to do everything yourself. Also, look into everything and look at more than one school there are a lot of things schools hide in order to bring more students in. Look at transfer and drop out rates and compare.


Be honest with yourself about what you're looking for. I thought I was looking for a Christian school when I really just wanted a semi-conservative school. Leave yourself some room to adjust rather than picking a school based on very narrow criteria.


look for something you are interested in, find the one that makes you feel most at home


Stuents need to visit every college campus that they are interested in. Being on campus and actually experiencing the atmosphere is incredibly important. Eating in the cafeteria, interacting with current students, even speaking with faculty members, will give you a very perspective of what life for you will be like over the next four years. Don't be afraid to dream big, and look out of state. Private college tuition is the same for everyone, in-state or otherwise. There's not harm in visiting; you might be surprised once you step on campus.


In order to really see if a particular school would work for a student, they should visit the student. Go through a guided tour, talk with students and profesors, and walk through a normal day in the life of a student, including going to a chapel service if offered, eating in the cafeteria, and looking at a normal dorm room/apartment. Don't buy in to the fancy words and souped up descriptions found in brochures that schools send you. One you find your school, go crazy! Experience everything you can, at least the first year. Value your independence, don't go home every weekend. Don't neglect your study time (make sure you read your textbooks), yet don't forget to be social. The friends you make in college will be life-long. If you start struggling academically, check out your school's Academic Support Office and make sure to attend any supplemental instruction sessions or group study environments. Don't be afraid to use each administrative office if you must, they are there to serve you. Overall, experience as much as you can, because the four years fly by. These are the best years of your life!


School credentials mean little if a student does not feel comfortable at his/her college of choice. The right college, and the one that provides the motivation to get involved, is the one that both challenges a student and accepts him/her at the same time. An institution that does not fit the social needs of a student will not be a posititve environment for fostering good study skills. Dedication only comes with an awareness that a person's accomplishments have purpose and significance. Parents should be open to how the college feels to the student, and students should consider finding a place that gives them the best social and spiritual opportunity to discover themselves.


Make sure that you ask about extra cirriculars. I got involved in some sports related clubs and they are pretty sweet. Its a good way to meet new people and to get your name out there around campus. Also, the food has to be good. Your going to be eating it everyday if you live on campus so make sure its worth it.


My advice for parents is to be supportive and active in helping their child find the right school. It is a daunting process to look at schools and try to figure out what will be the best choice, and it is encouraging to know that they (as a student) do not have to figure it out on their own. My advice to students is to figure out what factors (such as location, academics, or size) that are important to them so they can choose a school that will be a good fit for them. Go and visit the schools they are considering- set up a visit where they can get a feel for campus life by sitting in on a class or eating lunch in the cafeteria. Do not be afraid to make a decision- the worst decision to make is not deciding anything. Once a college has been chosen, get involved in activities on campus so they can meet new people and find others that enjoy similar activities. The way to make the most of a college experience is to not be too focused on grades or having fun, the key is finding a balance between these two.


College Visit days!


That make sure you are comfortable about where you go because if you are no comfortable you wont make it through school