Mt San Jacinto Community College District Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about MSJC for me is the variety of classes available and the accesibility. I have a complicated schedule as it is and being able to have a wide selection of times to be able to choose my classes definately helps. I have to combine four schedules on a daily basis. My schedule, both of my children's school schedules, and my husband's schedule, which includes both his jobs. MSJC has given me an opportunity more than anything to be able to get a college education even with my crazy schedule.


The opportunities given, since my college is a a public college and not a university it gives the students the chance to learn but not spend so much money on the classes.


I suppose the best thing is exactly what I brag about. I only have two family members who are college graduates. They help me whenever possible but like me, they are busy with work and raising children. We dont get together as often as I might hope. Luckily, I have many questions answered at the campus, and they come directly from somebody of the same field I'm pursuing. It's great to absorb information both academically and artistically from my peers and instructors.


The freedom to think for yourself is what I find most attractive about my school. In community college students are free to choose the classes they want without a specific guideline. In other words, students have to create their own curriculum based on the classes they find interesting. So students are given his or her own path. So a philosophy major, for example, is allowed to choose the classes he or she finds interesting while staying within the major. Unlike a University setting where students are simply given a list of classes they are required to complete.


There are so many thingsI like about my school--everything from the faculty to the administrative staff and their helpfulness; however, seeing as how I can only have one 'best', I would have to say the learning resource center (LRC for short). I have spent many hours in the learning resource center with tutors and utilizing the computers. I can honestly attribute a large portion of my success so far to the resources available at my school's learning center.


The best thing about my school is that teachers have office hours and students are able to meet with teachers during certain hours so they can disscus whatever problems or concerns they are having in the subject. This is so helpful for students and it gives the teacher a way to personally understand the student and whatever he or she is struggeling with.