Muhlenberg College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for the theatre and dance department. They are also well known for their strong science and pre-medical majors.


My school is known for being one of the top all womens colleges in the U.S. My school was featured in Forbes Magazine. It is also known for it's amazing liberal arts program . It's such an amzing school with many values and aspirations for a higher women's education.


The theatre department, psychology, and the sciences.


The theatre department is gaining national clout, currently ranking 6th best in America. Other strong departments include pre-med and law, business and economics. Most people see Muhlenberg as a rich white campus full of beautiful people from New Jersey, New York City, and Westchester, which is a relatively accurate description of reality.


Friendly community


It's definitely most well known for it's pre-med program. Muhlenberg is known around the country for preparing extremely bright young men and women to continue pushing this country and the world forward with their ability to help others.