Muhlenberg College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People of any socio-economic, religious, ethnic, etc. backgrounds could attend Muhlenberg. However, Muhlenberg is most suitable for young people who are willing to work hard, open to trying new things, passionate about the field of study they want to pursue, as well as friendly and accepting of all people. This college is rather small, so people who like big schools probably would not be the best fit. On the other hand, individuals who like a very close-knit, caring, helpful environment will find that Muhlenberg is a great option for them!


A person who relatively enjoys or respects the arts and a person who likes smaller school. We're very accepting of everyone.


Someone interested in the arts.


Anyone interested in a GREAT liberal arts education


Anybody looking to attend classes in a small tight-knit community in the PA and NJ area. Socially and politically the population is very diverse, thought ethnically Muhlenberg is still one of the least diverse schools to available. People interested in the arts will be happy to see strong Art Music and Theatre programs as well as a number of arts organizations open to non-majors. Muhlenberg offers something for most every student.


A person who wants a small town attitude at their college will fit in at Muhlenberg just fine - you are nestled in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, but close enough to Philly and New York to experience the cities. You should be interested in working hard so that you do get a good education for your money - you have to work, but there is plenty of time to have fun too.


someone who is friendly, has diversified interests, and who is actively involved with their immediate and surrounding community