Multnomah University Top Questions

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My college is unique in that it has a Youth Ministry major which only a few other colleges offered. That is what I wanted my major to be originally.


The school requires that every student be involved in a ministry. You must be involved with your ministry for a certain number of hours each week. This also requires each student to have a mentor of whom you must meet with at least thirty minutes each week.


I go to a Christian college,and the people actually care about being a Christian. everyone at this school deeply believes in Christ and you can see this at multnomah. Most people here aren't filled with hypocrisy like other Christian schools.


When one graduates they will have a double major or a major minor once they are done.


Multnomah lives up to it's slogan: "If it's Bible you want, you want Multnomah." While I applied to other Christian colleges, Multnomah was the only one that truly focused on Bible first and the other majors second. You still get your other specialty, but the Bible comes first. Not only do you get a Christian world view in your Bible major class but also in literature, history, psychology etc. It permeates the entire community.