Multnomah University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The low graduting percentage which can lead people not to choose my school in the first place. Despite the great academics and proffesors.


At this point, a weakness that I see in Multnomah is that it is a small school. That can be a great thing in that I can bond with other students more closely and get more one on one attention from professors and faculty. On the other hand, I can see it being a downside in that they don't have systems set up that larger schools have such as online registration. They are still getting the ball rolling in becoming a larger school, but there are going to be some bumps along the way that we will experience.


The worst thing is probably that I commute and I don't drive. It makes getting to classes difficult. But there isn't much about the school itself I dislike. Things are annoying sometimes, but overall, there isn't anything I dislike.


I wish i coult take more summer classes from them. The classes are awesome and i would love to continue learning in the summer, but they do not have a large selection to choose from. I do understand that it costs more money for them to get teachers, ect


The worst thing about Multnomah is the big difference between the cost of tuiton and the amount of financial aid we receive. There's not enough aid available.


Small campus, not tons of options for majors-but they are expanding the list. Not very many scholarships offered from the actual school.


There's definitely a "Multnomah Bubble" for those who live off campus because it's a tendency for their lives to happen completely on campus. They might go to school, live, eat, socialize, and work on campus--meaning they never have a reason to leave except for going to church and ministry...which can happen right next door if they choose to go to Central Bible.