Multnomah University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Multnomah University?


I wouldn't say there is any single type of person that "shouldn't" attend this school. I can tell you, however, it would be far more financially saavy to spend your money at a Community College if you're a close-minded individual. This University isn't meant to shelter you, or protect you from the real world. It's meant to prepare you for life from a Christian perspective, and different ones at that. If you don't have an open heart and a ready mind, I reccommend steaming in a cheaper classroom.


a person who isn't driven tords presuing God


Someone not intestered in spirituality.


Someone who is not a lover of the Lord looking to learn and be ably to tell others about Him. Also someone who is looking for a big party school or even the abilty to drink while at school. For the most part you should not atend if you do not love the Lord and do not entend to deepen your relationship with HIm and other brothers and sisters in Christ.


Someone who is not willing to be open minded about theology and religous points of view. This is a Bible college, so that will limit the amount of applicants considerably.


If you have no interested in the Bible, you're going to hate Multnomah. Even classes that don't fall under the Biblical studies category are permeated with Scripture. Those who are looking for a purely academic or purely social experience won't enjoy Multnomah either. It's more of a middle of the road, there's a time for learning and a time for hanging out kind of school.