Multnomah University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That it was a lot of work. However hard work isn't bad, it's just hard work.


I'm transferring to the college in Portland in August of this year, consequently, I'm going to say what I hope to know before going there based on my previous college experience. I hope to know more about the community and how to get involved not only on campus but off of the campus. I don't want to only be secluded to the college and not be able to make an impact in the community as well as have the community impact me. I really nope to be knowledgable of activities around the actual school.


I wish i was more prepared with the work load, it is a tough school and requires you to manage your time well.


Sometimes I wish I had known how hard the classes would be, but then I'm glad I didn't know so that I wasn't intimidated.


I wish I'd known more about the reality of the financial aid I would receive. The school gave the impression I'd receive more. I also wish I'd known more about what it's like living off campus. Those living on campus are a bit mor catered to at the start.