Murray State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The entry level English classes were less intense than my high school English classes.


There are very limited graduate degrees. Mostly masters but no PhD degrees. If you plan on furthering your education like me, you will most likely have to look elsewhere for that.


The worst thing about Murray State University is that they don't have a smokeing ban. It ruins my day when I have to walk through a cloud of smoke to get to my classes. I understand that people smoke, I wish we had a smokeing zone.


The main way to gain any "normal" friends is by going greek, college should be social as well as edjucational. Also, it is in the middle of no where.


One thing about this school that I feel is the worst quality is whne someone is trying to decide what m ajor they are going to go into, they don't provide enough information about that major and the names are often misleading. An example would be Computer Information Systems which is business orientated and TSM which is technology orientated.


the food program needs to step up its game!


So far, at MSU, I've recieved very little help from the faculty concerning classes that I should take to help me graduate with my major and the academic advisors seem so caught up with other things that they don't have much time to set aside to help the undergraduates that need their assistance.


The worst thing about this school would be the parking/crosswalk problem we are facing currently. This school is growing due to its success. Once this minor issue is fixed a problem wouldn't come to mind.


The worst thing about my school is probably the bipolar weather. It can be absolutely beautiful one day and the next day it can be cold and raining.


The biggest disadvantage to going to a larger school is there are less opportunities. In a larger school you would be more exposed to different things in your field.


THe weather changes a lot because we are so close to the lake.


The cost of a meal in the dining hall. It costs 9.00 dollars for one meal. I only have so much on my meal plan, so I have to be careful about the number of times I eat at the dining hall.


The worst thing about Murray State University would be the public smoking. Smoking is restricted inside, and for only certain areas outside. Although there are designated smoking areas, however students and faculty smoke among the major walkways along campus. This I think is not fair to students and other people visiting the university, because it gives the university a bad image. With cigarette butts among the ground, and having smoke being blown into your face, is not a highlight of being a student at Murray State University.


some professors


Ticket enforement policies are pretty ridiculous. I got a ticket for parking in my numbered spot when I forgot my tag, but others who park in my spot, or my neighbor's spots, during a sports game have no penalties, even if everyone in the area we can park at has their spot taken. Now they are considering tripling the ticket costs.


That sometimes you have to know someone in certain offices in order to get anything done that is not academic related. It can be hard for new students or transfer students to feel like they belong if they do not join a sorority or fraternity.


There is only one dining hall. It is sometimes difficult to eat lunch during the days because there is not enough time to go to the dining hall and everyone gets tired of the same food.


Outdated buildings. Some of the building on campus where my classes are taught are really old and could use alot of renovations.


Most of campus clears out on the weekend becasue some many students commute and are able to go home and often choose to do so.


I would consider the worst thing about Murray State University to be the high costs of everything about this college. Everything from tutition costs, to residential college costs, to meal plans, to textbooks, and even something simple as ten cents a page to print something off in the library and computer labs. College kids are stereotyped as being poor already, and Murray State University doesn't help with this image.




The worst thing I consider about my school is they don't have a lot of activities to do for the students through the winter. I found myself sitting in my room a lot during the winter. In the summer and spring times it seemed as if they always had some event going on for the students, but not in the winter.


There is not a bad thing I could say about my school because it is quite fantastic. The only thing I would change is the access to scholarships because college is expensive. While MSU offers tons of opportunities it is hard to aquire enough scholarship money to lessen the burden on a fincial struggle.


There need to be more available on campus housing options.


I would consider the worst thing about my school to be parking for students on campus. As a freshman last year i was required to park at the university stadium which is a long walk away from the dorms. I felt unsafe walking from my car to the rest of campus on nights and afternoos that I made trips to my car. Being a sophomore this year I will be allowed to park at the dorms but parking is limited. I think parking for students that choose to live on campus should be more convient and aware of our safety.


The worst thing about Murray State University is also the same thing I loved about it, being so small. It almost turns into high school because everyone knows everyone.


There isn't a "transitions" class for non-traditional students, we are forced to be taught as if we are 18 year old freshmen, when many of us have children that old.


The dorm rooms are really small and it would be nice to be able to study when I want to. So, I have to go to the library for now to have a quiet place to study.


The amount of class times that are given in the safety and health program for eah course


Many of the buildings and dormitories are older and outdated. The showers in the dorm I lived in were kind of scary.


I honestly can't think of a bad thing to say about Murray State. I have lived in this town for 10 years now and all I have ever noticed was how family friendly the school is.


I love Murray State it is all I hoped it would be but the one thing I dislike and consider to be the worst thing is the housing situations. They have two brand new dorms and one reinovated dorm which are very nice. All the other dorms are very old and need alot of work. Since there are only 3 very nice dorms it is very difficult to get into them. The two new ones are also very pricey. I wish Murray State would do little things to the older dorms to spruce them up and make them more enjoyable.


The summer is rather dead, so if your taking summer classes things can be a little boring.


I love the campus of Murray State University, yet I have to drive an hour to take classes. There is a campus located in the town where I live but they limit the type of classes offered there. I am an adult student, so I have a different perspective than most students. I balance working full time, a family life, and a student life. This school needs to be more friendly to adult learners especially in the economy we are encountering now.



That it requires incoming freshman and sophmores to stay at on-campus housing. While there are exemptions I believe that at the most, only freshman should be required.


The town is very small and there is nothing to do there. Luckily Paducah is only about 20-30 minutes away and there is a mall there and more things to do. Also, it is what some consider a "moist" county. They do not sell alcohol in stores but it can be ordered at a restaurant. For beer a person must drive 30 minutes away and for liquor a person must drive 1 hour away and bring it back.


The worst thing about Murray State is the stigma placed on the school due to the size of the town that it is located in. When applying for schools, most students will look at the size of the town and autmatically mark MSU off of their list. The campus makes up the majority of the city. However, Murray State deligently makes an effort to entice their students to stay on campus during the weekends, and to come back year after year. It's not the town that should form the college environment, it's the people.


The costs of certain details at the school seem too exaggerated, such as how they attempt to charge for everything within the school. Parking passes are considerably too much when compared to all the tickets they write. Another problem is how they excuse the rise in tuition; by stating that it is because they aren't making money. My main problem with that is that they continue to build buildings all over the place instead of remodeling the current ones, so of course they won't have any money in reserve that can be used for student enhancement.


The worst thing i consider about my school would be the spread out campus layout which sometimes makes it difficult to navigate.


Parking is a very large problem at Murray State. There are those students who live on campus and the freshmen who all bring their vehicles. Then we also have to accomodate for those students who commute and also the professors, and staff. I feel as though the University is remodeling the dormatories and are working hard in campus a new parking lot would be most beneficial.


The thing that is the worst about this school is that there are no quiet comfortable places to study. The comfortable furniture in the library is on the loud floor and the quiet floor is uncomfortable. The study lounges in the dorm have the most uncomfortable furniture found outside of church pews. And the dorms are too loud; people screaming, dropping stuff, or running up and down the hallyways all the time. It makes studying difficult.


The worst thing about Murray State University is the lack of availible transportation. While the campus is within decent walking distance it would be nice to take a shuttle out to the farms and various other locations on the campus that are too far to walk.


I do not know




That they make you live on campus if you are out of state and they force you to get a meal plan.


Alot of people come from the surrounding areas, so they go home more often than staying for the weekend. Also, some tend to stay in their high school friend groups instead of branching out and meeting new people.


There are too many core classes that we have to take before we can ever get into taking the classes we want. There is no time to experience other fields before really making an educated decision on what you want to do with your life.


There isn't much to do in Murray, it's at least a 45 minute drive to anything exciting.


The difficulty in attending Murray State comes directly form a lack of an Urban setting. Under four hours, one can reach Nashville, Saint Louis, or Louisville; without a truly close city, it becomes difficult to engage in activities. The experiences at Murray State are created by the individuals attending, and not the surrounding cities.. The city of Murray is a relatively conservative and small town.