Murray State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I REALLY love my school. It's small enough that the professors/faculty care about you and want to get to know you and help you succeed, and people know who you are. It is also big enough to have plenty of activities to keep you busy and is very diverse. The campus is absolutely gorgeous.


Before Murray State University, I attended another university. That being said, I must say that transferring to MSU was hands down the best thing I have done for not only my education, but also my personal safety. The best thing about this school is not limited to one thing. The teachers and faculty truly care about their students' well being and even go out of their way to help when help is asked for. They are down to earth and REAL. They understand and only ask that you try your best. If something is going on personally, I suggest talking with your teachers. Security and emergency responders are quick and efficient. I know I can trust them to respond in a professional manner and know that should I ever find myself in a similar situation to my previous school, Murray State Security will not ignore my calls and will not delete any/all reports of attacks to save the school's reputation nor put the school's rep above a student's safety along with show favoritism towards students. MSU is always growing, so some say it's too big. Personally, I prefer small institutes, but I can say that Murray State sits somewhere in between. There are enough students that you don't get so much "everyone knows everyone", but is small enough that the teachers still learn name basis and make time for each individual (when the student asks for it). When I tell people I attend MSU, many are excited. I've even convinced two of my friends back in Chicago to attend. They both had quit school and now they are glad they gave MSU a chance.


I love Murray State University! It is a wonderful school! The best thing would be how friendly everyone is and how nice the professors are. Our school size is just right I think, it isn't too big and it isn't too small. Our school is trying to grow larger though, so I hope it doesn't grow too much. Murray State overall has a very good reputation in our town and other surrounding communities.


Murray State University is a very well rounded University. I am part of the greek community so I think very highly of our Greek Society. Although Murray has all of the typical sterotype students, majority of students overlap in several of the areas. This is because Murray is a small campus and because of this you meet all kinds of people who enjoy different things. Murray State students are also very involved with supporting our sports teams. If you love going to sports games, you will love it here!


Murray State is definitely the best place for me. It is not too far away from my hometown, the small town feel is great and the staff and community are so friendly. Everyone in Murray loves the college kids. It brings an excitement to the town. The student population is just the right size. We're about 10000 students right now and it is perfect. There are enough people for you to meet new people every day, but there aren't too many to where your classes are overwhelmingly large.


The school has many clubs and activities that fit the needs of each student and the professors are great for working with one-on-one. It is very much in a college town because Murray is in the middle of no where and after driving 3 hours on a highway with fields, out of no where the town of Murray appears. Everyone knows of Murray State and probably 1/3 of the population are the students that attend the university. Overall, it is a great atmosphere that offers everything but the big city feeling.


The best thing about our school is the incredible faculty. The professors here are top-notch and truly care about helping the student body succeed. The campus is just the right size. You can get to your classes easily, run into your friends often, yet there is still a very diverse student body with tons of active clubs and organizations to join. Personally, my favorite hang-out spot on campus is the library! They have really comfy couches and laptops, headphones, and other cool pieces of technology that you can check-out (including ipad's!). "Once a Racer, Always a Racer" - We have tons of school pride, and there will always be an event to show that pride; whether it's a rally, sport game, or just walking the dorm halls. Murray State University is a fabulous school all-around, I hope to see ya on campus next semester! :)


The professors at my school (at least in my department which is accounting) are great and extremely helpful. The landscaping is always kept nice. These make for a great school.


Murray State is charming. The quad filled with beautiful trees that bloom every spring and bordered by bulidings that look like they should be on Harvard's campus. Murray is the epitome of a college town. The community embraces the students, supports the university, and provides alot of opportunity for students to get interaction outside of their college experience. Almost no violence, the biggest concern is a parking ticket. MSU's administration puts students 1st. Last year, I was walking to an 8AM final in the freezing December snow and the Vice-President of Student Affairs was handing out free coffee and hot chocolate on campus! How's that for treatment. Of course, there are the same issues as always, tuition will always go up. But, I have loved my time at MSU, would advise everyone to visit us!


Murray is a pretty campus in a non-existent city. It is utterly a college town and a small one at that.