Naropa University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Have in mind what you are going to accomplish when you leave University. Although higher education is an experience that should be relished in and of itself, do not use it as an excuse to procrastinate deciding what you are doing with your life. Have long term goals. Or at least ideas that you can work towards. Really consider how you are going to afford this experience. Do not blindly run into this debt assuming you'll just pay it off whenever you want. No. Be realistic. HAVE A PLAN.


As a high school student, I didn't want long lectures and too many details so, I would give myself advice very briefly. I first would say the even though money isn't everything, it is important to put yourself in a good financial situation to avoid one less stress. Education can make or break a future not just for me but many different people have choosen different paths and it all comes down to education and commitment. Lastly, school may seem like no fun but it's better to enjoy the college life now and avoid growing up as long as possible. Life will come soon enough. Other than that, I would also tell myself that I am always here for advice, consulting, and even just to listen. Best of luck and set your goals high and don't let yourself settle for less than what you deserve.


Upon attending Naropa University my experience has been opened to enrichment of my spirit, an invaluable tool that I have used to further motivate me in planning my future and organizing my life to meet my needs. My hope for the furture has increased, my mind has been inspired and encouraged, and my heart swells with the outpouring of love and goodwill that I feel on campus and by being a community member. Before attending, while struggling in our current society as an independent young woman, I felt lost and a little hopeless, and I am so grateful that this wonderful institution has opened itself to me and my dreams.


If I could go back in time and give my senior high school self some advice, I would say that it does not matter what the school's statistics are, what study abroad programs the school offers, what sports teams the school has or even what the school looks like. All these things are superfluous if you are not having a good time or if the school just does not feel right after a few semesters. It pays to know yourself and know what you want out of your education, but always make sure to check in and make sure that it is what you still want. If you are unhappy where you are at, even if it was your dream school when applying, make sure you are not just chasing an old dream and staying the course because you do not see any other options. If all else fails, take some time off and get to know yourself better. Discover what you really want out of life and your educaiton before you pay for an eduaction that you do not really want. If I had it to do over again I would have taken a gap year, no question!


Hey you, yeah you. Slow down, take your time, growing up is going to happen at it's own pace, learn to appreciate the journey and loosen up the drive for a destination, you will get there too. Stay curious about the world, be careful how you might use generalizations and stereotypes to separate yourself from some of the fascinating people who live in this world, and stay as kind and loving to everyone in your life as you have to this day. Keep your head strong, but don't let it trample on your heart.


Well, I would share a little bit more about my teachers and coursework in high school but I would not talk much about what happened after high school considering that I made some fundamental mistakes which made me who I am today. I went into a fundamentalist Bible College up in Canada as an evangelical Christian and came out a staunch atheist. I learned so much more about myself after that experience and gained the courage to begin my transsexual transition from male to female. This, I would not share with my past self, I could never do that for it would possibly make my old self much more paranoid and possibly ruin the great future that I do have.