National American University-Colorado Springs Top Questions

What should every freshman at National American University-Colorado Springs know before they start?


I have learned a great deal about the finer parts of managing a business, as well as several aspects that will help me in everyday life. College has been valuable to attend because it is really stretched my ability to solve problems by looking at the problem and its potential outcomes in a multitude of ways; and to know that I can ask others in my field/department. In addition to this, college has also allowed me to find areas in which I am more and less interested in. While I may not want to pursue a career in some of the classes I have taken, they have intrigued me to learn more about them on my own; such as accounting classes and tax related areas. I am glad I decided to pursue a degree because it has already been beneficial and will certainly hel pme more in the future.


Keep your determination. Maintain focus on the course(s) that you are studying. Keep a postive attitude about the experience and the time will go by quicker.