National University of Health Sciences Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


National University of Health Sciences. has provided me with valuable insights and knowledge in biological science. Since the school is a profession chiropractic school, the professors that teach the courses are doctors and they bring more to the classroom than just standard lectures from the text. They share with the students life experiences which makes learning more dynamic and interesting. My professors care that you learn and although some may not like the idea of being in the hot seat, it is undoubtedly a technique to ensure that students know their material and are able to articulate their understanding to the rest of the class. This allows us to attest our knowledge on the topics and enhances our learning habits. The knowledge that the professors of NUHS has given me will advance and prepare me for dental school. Furthur, my attendance there will always be a memorable experience as I plan to follow in their footsteps to teach in my future career as a dentist.

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