Neumann University Top Questions

Describe the students at Neumann University.


The students are either catty, bitchy, nice, kind or shy.


On campus, we have a mix of blacks and whites, and some Hispanics. Most are religious. Experiences with these people on campus are very promising to me. Most students wear baggy clothes or business clothes to class.


I love my peers at Neumann. Everyone in my major is totally focused and happy with what is going on in class and take it very seriously.


My classmates are always very social. Because Neumann is a smaller school, we mpstly know eachother. If we dont, we all may be a litttle shy at first, but we loosen up easily. We are able to help one another and provide a great atmosphere for each of us.


The students at my college are mostly friendly.


Everyone is nice and friendly.


They are all very helpful and concerned about one another. I feel a closer bond here then I did in high school.


They are fun,friendly, intelligent, and silly.


My classmates at Neumann University, are very friendly, and always willing to help.


They are caring and willing to help with any problem you may have. I should have went here right out of high school instead of wasting time at other colleges.