Nevada State College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The one great thing ablout Nevada State is it only been open sinze 2004 and as a newer school you haave teachers who care wether or not you succeed. With it's small class sizes and teachers willing to help its best that you get in now before the school becomes too big that smaller class sizes will be 50 to 125 people.




It's cheaper to attend, and the teachers and classes are smaller which is great for one on one help.


I brag about the small class sizes. Since it is a relatively new state college, it has low student numbers but an adequate amount of professors. The small classes make it easier to listen and ask more questions. Overall, it seems like a more personal learning experience.


Aside from the beautiful mountainous views from my school I brag to my friends that i have the best teachers possible. I have attended a community college in New York City and the teachers were good but they lacked the time to help students who needed it the most because of their schedules. Teachers in Nevada State College give students the chance to exceed because they have the dedication, time and resources. My teachers have provide me with their emails, telephone numbers and schedules which i have used from time to time.