Nevada State College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


All of this stress and drama is unnessessary. Instead of worrying, I should be more active into the school clubs and working on my extracurricular activities. College life is academically more challenging then high school, but it's also a place where you grow and develop your pesonality. Now is my chance to do as best as I can academically, so I can get into a better University. Now is my chance to be excellent in these easy classes, so I can be even better in the college ones. I should also spend more time on studying for the SAT because, without it, I would not be able to pursue my dream of getting into a top school.


I would tell myself to not get so wrapped up in my plans. Things will work out for themselves, and it's not the end of the world if something goes wrong. You can't plan your life and expect it to go exactly how you wanted it to. Things happen, and all you can do is learn from them. I would tell myself "congratulations" because I worked hard and made it to high school graduation, but there was so much more coming my way. College and life itself is something you want to enjoy while you can. I would tell myself that things will get better, and not to be discouraged. Even though I will be in college longer than I originally anticipated, it would all be worth it. I would tell myself to get ready to be spontaneous, and to "go with flow" because my life is just now beginning.


If I was able to go back in time to high school, I woulod advice myself to get more involve in school activities. Most of my high school experience involved family, friends and work. I would advice myself to fully give it my all to every single one of my classes and grasp as much knowledge as I could. I would hesitate a lot about joining sports or a school activities but if I could go back I would join all the clubs and sports I was intrested in without a hesitation, becuase now I know that getting involve can help you with scholarships and open many doors towards your future.


“Lucretia, take this seriously”. I would like to start by saying I went to college twice to pursue my Bachelor’s degree. The first time around I went to College of Southern Nevada. At that point in my life I was, let’s say still in the ‘party’ phase. I thought that I would be able to party all night and still achieve high academic standards. I mainly has this approach to college because I was not taking that classes I wanted to, but the ones my parents told me to. “Lucretia, you are a smart, sincere and wonderful person. You do not have to put on act for others and live the life they feel is right for you. Stand on your own two feet and know that this is your life and the ultimate decision is yours. You cannot breeze through college in hopes to pass without putting in the proper work to do so. A ‘C’ is not a grade to be proud of, nor one to validate you are not good enough. Just know that as long as you give it your all you are a winner. I love myself and want the best for me”.


The first thing I would tell myself is focus more on my education and not about working and hanging out with the friends who are not going to be in live within the next 5 years. Focus on yourself and what you want to be doing 10 years from now. Unless you want to be in your late 20's and ealry 30s working towards your career goals. Living paycheck to paycheck struggling to be success as everyone else around you is achiving their dreams. Stop trying be that cool one because the people you are hanging around are not good for you.


Thinking of pursuing the noble goal of a higher education? Are you lured by the mechanical logistics of Writing 121? Does the enigmatic language of statistics entice you? When deciding to invest in your academic future I suggest taking a proactive approach; prepare, plan and prioritize for optimal success. College curriculums can be challenging so set realistic goals and develop good work ethics. Join study groups and utilize teaching labs and tutors. Establish the college library as your command center. College tours and map Apps can familiarize you with essential informational departments such as the administration, registration, counseling and financial aid offices. Ouch!..................feeling the financial pinch? Prudence my friend, keep a watchful eye on expenses. Begrudgingly register for a scholarship class. Purchase used books and technical equipment when possible. Steer clear of favorite fast food haunts and brown bag it, it’s healthier and less expensive. Utilize the transit system or carpool for economical and environmentally friendly transportation. Balancing both a social and academic life can be challenging so get involved in academic clubs and campus activities which also heightens essential leadership abilities. Remember that it’s important to maintain a high level of efficient productivity. Much Success!


If I could go back and give myself an advice, I would advice myself to not take a semester off. I believe going through college right after high school is very important. Being able to start right away will not give your mind/body to be lazy. Most people that I know of from high school that took a semester break, ended up taking almost a year break. I also missed on a lot by just taking one semester off. I was playing catch up for the first couple of semester in college because I felt so behind. Until now that I am a junior in college, I still feel like I'm playing catch up since most of my friends in high school already graduated college.


If I were to give myself advice as a high school senior I would tell myself not to get caught up in the drama and partying in high school. At the time it seems like the cool thing to do and you will have so many friends. I found out that when you take yourself out of that lifestyle all our your friends will disappear. Focus on your studies and worry more about your classes than being wrapped up in the coolest clothes and cutest boys. You will always have a chance to find a boyfriend and go out, and you onlhave one chance to have a high school career. Study hard, and worry about your grades first.


Karlee, I know you think you have allthe time in the world to have life figured out, but I'm here to tell you that you don't! Really sit down and think about what you want to do, don't listen to others. Apply for those scholarships and try to get all the money that you can to go to San Diego State University, that's where your heart and creativity belongs. Don't wait until your mid way through your first semster to figure it out, it'll only be harder on yourself. I'm trying to save you here! Do what your heart was telling you from the beginning.


Go to college right away! Don't let your fear of making mistakes keep you from living your life. Go and do what you love.


The most important advice I would give myself as a senior in high school would be to save up as much money as possible. College is expensive, especially when you're doing it all on your own, so it's extremely important to save up money during your high school career. I would also tell myself to take advantage of the free education you're recieving in highschool. Nothing hits you harder than trying to carry a full schedule at community college, trying to work two jobs to pay bills, and finding out that the college you're transferring to amounts to about $53,000 a year. Save, save, save!


Try Harder. I did not push myself as much as I could have during college. I never envisioned myself in college, so I did not go the extra step to get those good grades. If I would have done so, I would have done better on my entrance exams and not had to take as many remedial classes. I would also have told myself to take some CLEP test to get some of my core classes out of the way. I would have finished my degree that much faster. If I could give advice to any other student, it would be to "Stick With It!". So many times, have I wanted to quit or just be lazy. If I had done what I wanted to do, I would not have just graduated from Nevada State College with a Bachelors of Business Administration. Education pays, you just have to work hard.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would tell myself to figure out your skill before you attend college. When I look back on my college career I see that I took a lot of classes that I didn't need to, and I spent a lot of money that I could have saved. So I wish I would have figured out my skills, before I put in all that time and money into classes that don't matter.


If I could go back in time, I would tell my senior self not to attend Nevada State College. I would say this because it is nowhere near what I invisioned it would be. The school is ridiculous and I'm better off going to the community college or University of Nevada Las Vegas. Don't waste your time and money applying to this school that accepts just about anybody and say they are small and well organized because they are too small, do not always have the classes you need available when you need it and they mess up all the time. You should go to a well known school rather than the one that seems more promising and smaller. Small is not always good, especially in this case. Make a simple transition between high school and college, dont rush to make a decision on which school you would like to attend. Take into consideration the graduation rates and the reviews on the school. Clearly the rates for Nevada State College do not meet your standards, so skip it and pick a better institution that will get you where you want to be in life.


Natasha I can only stress the importance of keeping a clear mind and staying focused. There will be other things in your life that will seem to take a toll on your mental state, but just remember that you are a strong woman who can overcome mountains. I also want to stress the importance of taking the time and looking into scholarships because college is expensive and I know that you do not want to be a burden on your family even though they will be there to help you in any way possible. Another thing to keep in mind is saving up as much money as you can because when you make it into the nursing program (and you will) it will be expensive, but it will be the greatest time of your life. You are a focused and dedicated woman and you will suceed in college, just remember that you will be able to find your way no matter what road you go down. Take every day just one day at a time and keep looking towards your end goal of being a nurse, you will get and fulfill your dream. I love you.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school student, I would tell myself that even though it does not seem like teaching will ever be an option, to hang in there. It will take time and hard work, but to not doubt myself as much. I am on the path that I am supposed to be on. I would also remind myself to have a little more fun in between. Being serious all of the time is not as much fun as I made it out to be.


Always study more than you think you need to. Try to save for books in advance. Listen to advice from those you trust. Have fun learning and share your knowledge freely.


People attend college because they want to make a difference in their lifes. Attending college has been a great experience so far. I have learned to value my education and try my best to get good grades. I am attending college because i want to become and educator. I want to make a difference in childrens lifes and make them value their education. I want children to attend college and not be afraid to make a difference. In grade school, middle school, and expecially high school teachers prepare you for college. Teachers want you to suceed and attend a college. Having the privaledge to attend a college and further my education has been extremely valuable. Ive learned to take care of my self and ive learned to become independent. Most importantly, i have learned that one small choice can make a great difference in someones life.


I have gotten a wonderful education. I have made some wonderful and lasting friendships. The knowledge that I have obtained has not just come from a book. I can safely say, once I graduate, I will be able to apply this to the outside world.


Overall, I’ve had an amazing college experience and Lincoln College has been very valuable for me to attend. Lincoln has helped me grow more as a student and individual. Lincoln College is a community college, however it offers the opportunities that four year schools offer, like finding independence away from home. Being in small classes helped me do well and achieve good grades because I got individual attention from the professor. I also made a lot of great friends from those classes. All the hard work paid off because I was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa Iota Chi the following semester. Phi Theta Kappa is an international honors society of two year colleges. Being part of this organization was a great opportunity for me, because it got me more involved at Lincoln. I was elected Vice President of our chapter this year. In addition, Lincoln College has given me the chance to not only be a leader academically, but also socially. As a sophomore, I was hired to be a Student Resident Assistant which has been very valuable to me because I help influence good values on other students, so they can be just as successful as me.


My college experience has been rewarding. I have learned so much with the many professors at this school. Each class I have taken has helped me progress towards my career goal. I would recommend this school to anyone who has an interest in education, nursing, or business. I would also recommend this school for anyone who wants to take general classes.


If I were to go back in time, I would tell myself two important things. The first piece of advice I would offer would be to explore any and all possible career choices. Finding out what career you want to pursue is a tough decision and one that I wish I had investigated before entering college. If I had really researched the career that is best for me back in high school, I would not be an undecided junior constantly changing my major, classes, and direction wasting both time and money. The next bit of counsel I would give myself would be to simply relax and enjoy the ride. Throughout this whole episode of hunting down my dream career, I have been constantly stressing over the situation. However, I need to adopt a more positive perspective. Yes, I still do not know what I want to do for the rest of my life and yes, school seems pointless without an ending goal but the journey can be a great one. As long as I am still learning, networking, and moving forward, there is no reason to regret this learning process.


If I somehow stumbled upon my own version of a "flux capaciter", from Back To The Future", and were granted the ability to transport backwards in time, there would be three vital pieces of information that I would tell my high school senior self. The first being do a walk through of your class schedule prior to the actual first day of school. In doing this, I would ensure that no wrong turns would be made. Secondly, be friendly. Making friends aides in the transition into a new environment. Lastly, do not be afraid to ask questions. Ask as many questions as you feel necessary to completely comprehend your classes, and the procedures within the college. If you have friends to walk by you, have already traveled the route, and have all the answers to your doubts the transition into college life should become much less frightening, and more exhilerating to any individual.


Moivng to Nevada at the beginning of high school was a huge change and transition from the life I had previously grown used to. Rather than focusing on my academics, the only thought in my mind was to become popular and make many friends. That was my downfall, not only academically but mentally as well. Through my college career I learned that a strong sense of determination to be successful can get you a long way, something I lacked in high school. Looking back I would tell myself that all the time I wasted on people could have been spent on an education that I can no longer aquire due to the lost time and opportunity to relive high school. Unlike high school, in college, one has to be responsible for their own academic actions and decisions due to the fact that it can directly affect ones' future as an adult. Therefore, I am greatful for every second tied in to every ounce of knowledge I can obtain.


If i can go back in time, I would tell myself that education matters and that if i do not change i would regret it in the future. In high school i thought i could breeze through everything and passing was good enough. Well passing was not enough. I realized that i was naive in high school. If i had spent the time to study and improve myself instead of skipping school to hangout with my friends, my situation would be different. With my low gpa in high school i had been denied by many colleges in New York City even the colleges with the highest acceptance rates. I later realized that college plays an important role to have a successful life. Going to my first class which was urban sociology i realized that college was no joke and teachers do not care if you fail or pass. I could not just breeze through the class without studying. I later recieved an A for urban sociology because i studied and pay attention in class.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I do know now about college life and making the transition, the advice I would give myself is to be prepared for the high cost of college as well as know what field you want to study and stick to it.


If I were able to give advice to my high school self, I would tell me to quit messing around with my education. I didn't realize how easy school was until after I had joined the Army and seen the world. I would stress the importance of having a degree to have a rewarding career. I would tell myself I know how smart I am and it's about time you start using it. I would tell myself to apply for financial aid and register at the local community college to begin with. After that, I would tell myself to transfer to a 4 year school to finish. I would then convince myself that going to graduate school right after would be the best option.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself how difficult finding employment can be without a college degree. It is a much more difficult road to trudge trying to attend college as an adult with financial and family obligations. I have been telling this to all of the young people I encounter lately. Four years spent attending college during your twenties is preferable to attending in your forties.


I would focus on one major and stick with it. I would decide early on where I wanted to go to college and establish residency there. I would focus on grades and understand how important they are to college admission. I would complete more community service and the in field I was going towards. I would try to establish a "nest egg" so I wouldn't have to take out the whole loan amount every semester. I would prepare myself financially for a large debt and understand how to take steps to lessen that debt. Getting all debt paid off before going into a program would also be a priority.