New England College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend New England College?


This is a good school. If you are lazy and don't turn in your assignments on time, you shoudn't attend this school


If you're the type of person that enjoys the city with busy, populated areas rather than a small, quiet, ruralistic town then I would not recommend this school for you.


Every person is welcomed and should tend this school because we are friendly, classes are small, there teachers teach the class and are available to make accomidations to meet with you. They alaso willing to make accomidations if you have a dissability.


Someone who doesn't want small classes, a friendly environment, and a lot of interaction with professors and fellow students. This is not a school where you can come to class and hide in the back row, the classes are small, 30 students at the most and that is only for general requirement classes. Courses in your major can be as small as 8 students. The professors will know if you are not doing your work.


Someone who wants a big school, a lot of people, a city, and a lot of shopping areas. This also is not a school for people who do drugs or who are abusers in any way.