New England Culinary Institute Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I wish I could go back and tell myself to make my own decisions. I would tell myself to go to the school of my choice. By holding myself back it delayed the inevitability of me going back to school for what i wanted. I always regret not going to the college of my choice. In the long run it made me decide to go back, and get a better education. Knowing how I was in college, I would tell myself to not wait until the last second to do my work. Being able to start an assignment the day I received it really helped. By starting a small amount of the assignment, it would help me in the long run. It helped me countless times, especially at the end of my last semester. I look forward to taking my knowledge from the experiences of going through college, and knowing that I can change my life by doing this. My excitement for the challenges ahead make me look forward to fulfilling my dream of becoming a baker.


My college experience has been valuable because I'm paying for it with a unsubsidized student loan, and it doesn't cover me to be a fulltime student. Leading to, me dropping a class. I love college life, and I love learning which makes every second there worth-while. I have gotten a big fat reality check, dealing with financial aid, registering for classes, and especially buying those expensive books. I feel college is such an opportunity giver, but with the 6.8 intrest rate on student loans, it puts a limit on how many classes someone can take a semester.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is the science behind the food I love to make. I have gotten opportunities to apply for jobs that would have previously out of my reach. And I have have gotten people connections in my industry to help me find my career path. All this has made it valuable to attend because I'm worth more to my employers, more confidence in myself and have a sense of belonging in my community.


I'm learning to be a better business owner, and that in turn makes me a better chef/owner as it takes some of the pressure off, and I can focus more on creativity.


I would tell myself that I should go to college to do what makes me happy, and for that reason only. I would allow myself time to decide what I want to do in life, and tell myself that if I can't decide, that it's ok. College is all about figuring out what's next, and it's ok to not know.