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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I were able to go back in time and talk to my high school senior self, there are a few things I would say. First of all, I would advise myself to study harder. Every grade counts and will affect my grade point average. My second piece of advice would be to not let myself finish my assignments the night before they are due. Although this has always been a struggle for me, if I had been able to start changing my habbits in high school, then maybe it would have made it easier for me to respect this rule in college. As it is, leaving my homework undone until the last moment is my greatest failure fear when I go to college. Finally, I would tell myself to not feel so stressed about the college application process. It really is not that complicated.


I would tell myself that it is not always easy but it is definatly doable and worth it. Being in college is a giant step towards adulthood and having a career that you can have for the rest of your life. Nursing is my dream and everyday i am proud to say that i am a Nursing student. I cant wait for the day to graduate and become a RN.


If I could go back in time and speak with my past self from senior year, I would tell her to seriously think about her life choices and think about exactly what she wants to do with her life. I would ask her to consider looking for multiple colleges and put more effort into applications. And if it just so happens she wanted to go to the same college as I am at currently, then she should brace herself. None of the classes and majors are easy, and I know how much she despises long and hard work, which she would find tedious. But what matters is that she should find a major she would absolutely enjoy and think long and hard about it. "Do not choose the one that everyone else wants, decide for youself for once," is what I would say. "No one will judge you harshly about what you want to do and your happiness is what is most important. You'll love the college, but you probably won't like the classes, especially if it's part of the required courses for the major you're not happy with. Choose wisely, young self."


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self. I would tell my senior self to not take all those extra classes. I did not need to take three online classes in additon with my regular classes. I remember how stressed I was during my senior year because I had overwelmed myself with all these classes . I would try to get all my homework done in time while working part-time at a grocery store. I ended up not being able to put my full effort into those classes, due to the fact that I was mainly focused on getting all the assignments, projects and tests done before their due date. If I went back in time to senior year, I would tell myself to just take one online class and focus more on studying and applying for scholarships.


I would say save money and apply for as many scholarships as possible. Paying for college is hard and you have no one to cosign. So if you want a good education you have to pay for it!


There would be one simple thing that I would tell my high school self: go with your passion. I originally went with a career path that my mother wanted. After not finding a job in that career and hating the occupation itself, I decided to go back to school. This time I'm doing what I wanted to do all along and I love it.


I would most likely tell my high school self to apply for scholarships as soon as possible, and to not worry about what he wants to go into right now. There are 4 years of high school to figure it out, and what you do decide will mostly like come natually as something you love to do. I would also tell myself to, when I do find my perfect degree, don't settle with the first college I see. There are many colleges out there that would love to have you, even if you are out of state. Most of all, be as prepared as possible for the long road ahead.


If i could go back in time to high school i would tell myself to get as much help as possible and keep up my grades. Also i would get an early start on looking into schools and take my sats and join as many groups as possible.


When I was in high school I had the misconception that everyone in college had a plan set in stone. Everyone knew exactly what they were doing and upon leaving college everyone got their dream job instantly. Once I got to college, I quickly realized it was not as glamorous as it seemed to me in high school. I got Cs in some of my classes and I failed miserably at trying to find an internship. I was sliding by in college. I was just waiting for all the glamour to begin. Where’s the job that’s going to fall into my lap? Where are all the friends I’m going to effortlessly make? Where are my scholarships and awards? Lauren, I have transitioned into someone you will be proud of. Don’t take any of the time in school for granted. Absorb everything you can get out of it and put twice as much energy back into it. College is going to be really hard, but I promise you, it will be worth it.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to be prepare to fill out some college forms and scholarships because it going to start getting harder in the future. I would also tell myself to find a job to start saving up money for college so that later I have some money saved up.


I would tell my younger self to start earning money for college in high school, apply for scholarships and get your name out there. I would also try and go straight into the school of my choice instead of spending two years at a community college trying to figure out my major.


It's been very valuable attending college because you get to experience a different way of life without your parents and having a independent life. While attending college I learned the importance in attending class and focusing more in class, and the importance of time management from school, friends, and my job. Attending college helped me to become more independent and helped me become less of a kid and more of an adult.


I have gotten so much out of it so far, i have made eat friends that i will never forget and i have learned so much in my classes. I have learned that you need to make time for study and for fun if you want to live a balenced life. If i did not attened i would never have had these things happen to me. My life would not be going anywere and i would be stuck so i do this so that my life will have perpus and meaning in everything i do.


My year at University, I learned a lot about science. From the complex things to the abstract, I developed a love for the sciences. From childhood I hide to create formulas. In college I learned how to create and perform a formula, we follow safety rules. These security rules make me to love day to day science and University life. A university life which I develop intellectually and academically to achieve complete my vocation becoming a doctor. Biology which is my major makes me want to learn more in the care and protection of the human being. Biology is so divided in the care of human beings and animals through my college experience I have developed a love of studies and academic preparation for the dream of my life of becoming a professional. Teachers encourage my wishes to acquire knowledge in the classroom and autodidactic research. Which is present in me besides the information my teachers at University give me, I find more information to view more aspects of the information provided to have more knowledge when I get to the Biology classroom. This means that my world is full of several information to my success aspires professional and academic.


I feel that any college can give you a wealth of knowledge even if it is not directly related to the school. The teachers at my school have a weatlth of knowlege that will help me in life even if i do not choose to go into my career with the major as my back ground and basis for that career. After all its the small bits of advice you get when you least expect it that give you the most in an education and the most out of life.


I am attending college to be of greater value to my employer, and to myself. New England tech offers me the opportunity to get an education in a very hands on approach, and that is the way i learn best. During my time here I have become very appreciative of the equipment that I have experience working with in industry. One of the fringe benefits of being a college students is that I have had to learn to be disciplined in my approach to life. My time and resource management has evolved as my time in college has gone on, and that is something that I am looking forward to taking back to the workplace. The idea of learning intricate details about systems that I have already worked with intrigues me, and I have found myself bombarded with so much knowledge on how I can make improvements to these systems when I return to work with them. As much knowledge as I had coming into this experience I can honestly say that it has already increased tenfold and I look forward to contnuing on this journey.


During my High School years, I never made any effort. I am intelligent and consider myself a hands on person. Being away from home and attending College in Rhode Island actually made me grow up and learn responsibility. I was raised by my Mother and she always tried to instill good educational values and work etics in me because of how hard she has worked to raise me. If I knew then what I know now, I would probably understand more of what my Mother tried to iinstill in me to understand how important an education and working hard is.


The very first thing I would tell myself if I could go back in time to my Senior year in high school is to apply for more scholarships. While I did apply to a few, I definitely could have applied to more, as I only received two. Another piece of advice I would give myself is to pick up a book on programming in C++ so I could get ahead of everyone else in my game programming classes. Aside from those two things, I don't think I would tell myself anything else, as the transition has been fairly smooth.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior is to absorb as much knowledge as possible; not only in the class room, but also in the natural world outside the class room. Observe and learn how animals live and apply it in the world of the future, keeping in mind that many animal and plant species are endangered and need to be preserved and provided for. Learn the natural way as the Native Americans used to - only use what you need. Apply all that is observed and learned and help create an environment usefull now and in the future.


I would tell myself to get more involved with life on campus.. maybe pick a college that had on campus housing. with sports teams. i played ice hockey in high school and i miss it. i would tell myself to choose my friends with a liitle more caution. be open to need and different people and things.


I would tell myself that there is no need to worry, that I am going to be able to make the transition into the college life very well and I'll get good grades. I would also tell myself that it is ok to let go of my high school friends and that I should put myself out of the comfort box and make lots of new friends and experience new things in college. Everything is going to turn out just fine and I will love where I am now.


Keep working . Its not easy, and it wont be unless you have the determination to be a female in an untraditional trade . there is nothing easy, and nothing is going to be handed to you, especially grades or knowledge, and that your going to have to work to learn what you need to succeed. Don't let people talk you down and belittle you, don't listen to them, they're not worth it. Ignore the haters who think they are better than you, and the ones who don't think you belong in this trade. You're going to encounter them everyday, but just let them give you the motivation you need to keep going and to prove everyone wrong and that you can do this, because you can, and you will .


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself, I'd have a lot to say. First I would tell myself that all this stress and trouble was totally worth going to school for. It all would pay off in the end. I would also say that the relationships I had at the time would die out, but that I would be making many more lasting friendships in college and these friends will stick with me for the rest of my life. Becoming a college student is a huge step in your life, you take on lots of responsibilities and you learn to become very independent. Its very difficult for your parents as well, but give it time if you're the first to go off to college, they'll let you go eventually. Finally, I would tell myself to let go of the past and embrace what the future has instore for you because thats what's worth living for.

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