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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I were able to travel back in time and visit myself in high school as a senior I would definitely tell myself to apply stronger study habits and to get used to studying for a much greater period of time. I would advise my former me to take classes that would challenge me a little bit more than average in hopes of better preparing myself for what was to come. I actually would have mentioned a different private high school that would have had a stronger educational program. I think if I would have gone to a more disciplined high school I would have turned out with a much more thorough understanding of what was expected of me and been better prepared for college. But what I didn't know then that I know now is that my choice in the high school that I attended was what was going to either make me or break me in college. The best advice I could think of would be don?t back down from a challenge it?s for the best. And when it seems like it's all falling apart remember you can get through this... you did.


I would go back in time and tell myself that i should have asked more questions when i first went to my school, possibly would have picked another school in a different state learning the same thing..