New Jersey City University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about New Jersey City University?


I tell them that they must be taught by Prof. Dennis Dittrich because he is the greatest mentor of illustration that you will find. He is also the President of Society of Ilustrators in NYC and has much to teach us. I let them know that many of the programs are not focused on professionaly getting a job afterwards and the school needs to work on that because the job market is tough without proper preperation.


I tell them that i hope i will be happy there. I also tell them about the great advisor i have. I say how i like the campus and how easy it is to get around.


When I talk about my school I brag about how there is a club for everyone, there are always activities and discussion groups for just about any thing.


At 26 credits per semester, my nursing program is extremely competitive. There is no time for distractions. It has taught me discipline, self control, and most of all, I am proud of myself for completing a program many students would not succeed in.