New Jersey City University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


to get things done it takes a very long time. the most frustrating thing would have to be the waiting and the calling when i have a problem.theres never a full answer to my questions


The only thing i would consider fustrating would be the financial aid office. Your refund for financial aid is given well into the semester. this prevents you from being able to use the funds to purchase books except if you are purchasing it from the school book store. Also like most other schools books are extremely expensive.


For me in particular, as much as I adore and respect the professors in the English Department, I wish there was more of a selection in the literature being taught. The classes available now are spectacular because the teachers really enjoy engaging their students but there is life beyond Shakespeare and Milton. I think students would love classes of not only contemporary writers but also of writers from other countries.


This particular school has a lot of teachers that do not come from the inner city as many students are in fact from this exact type of environment. We are a large school and sometimes teachers are oblivious to the responsbilities and needs of students who are not the "norm'. I think that teachers here need to be more aware of such students and try to accomodate them in a way that makes the college experience more worthwhile and easier.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the placement it is right in the middle of Jersey City. The traffic is almost like New York, and the brigde to get into Jersey City can set you back 10 to 20 minutes.


The advisment center, The advisors seem to have such a work load that it really is not a personal experience everything is sort of put off on the student and internet based.


No one knows how to speak proper english. Professors have to spend too much time catering to those who don't care about education, which negatively impacts those who are there to learn. I don't fit in with the "ghetto" crowd.