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When you step off campus what do you see?

When you step off-campus, you're in Newark. For some people that's enough to say it all but to others: It's not the safest place, but it also has a lot to offer. Also remember, you're surrounded by a couple other colleges, so you're not the only college student in the area. You'll see tall buildings, a lot of businesses and big company headquarters, a soccer stadium, hockey arena, and NJPAC. You could also walk to Penn Station which could take you pretty much anywhere from there. You're in the middle of NJ's biggest city with a lot of culture and history and plenty to do. Just remember, you're in Newark, NOT safe, so be smart.

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Depending on which direction you walk, you may see cops or you may see rutgers, perhaps even the busy street life of MLK boulevard not too far off campus. Don't let what everyone tells you about Newark scare you away, just stay cautious and always travel in a group. We only really have 2-3 cases or problems with the town a year.

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