New Jersey Institute of Technology Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Engineering and over population


Well we do so much around campus it really is hard to pick just one thing. Thursday night is the notorious party night, which is always a tradition. Among other things are our seasonal events such as Irish Pub Night, Valentines day date raffle, Career fairs bi-annually, and much more.


My School is best known for being the only school in New Jersey that works hand and hand with the National Architectural Accrediating Board (NAAB) for architect majors. Meaning if you are planning to get licensed as an architect in the future and would like to stay in state, then New Jersey Institute of Technology is the school for you.


Engineering and architecture


I believe that The New Jersey Institute of Technology is known for its challenging courses and high academic standards.


My school is best known for it's great engineering programs and for having the only architecture program in the state of New Jersey. Even though academics play a major role, the highlander spirit is known as well. Being a cheerleader at NJIT, i have noticed that school spirit can do a lot for the school and its for all the students to show off the school they are in because it is so great!


The New Jersey Institue of Technology is best known for there connections with the real world working environment. A majority of the students who attend this university are looking for an internship so that they can have a connection the the work force and hopefully enter that field as soon as they graduate.




Research, engineering


This school is known for its engineering program. math and sciences.


Known for its hard math classes and lack of girls on campus.


our school is known for its great academics and its high quality of workers in the work force. we also have the biggest Satellite and we have a great alumni.



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