New Jersey Institute of Technology Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew how the specifics of the graduation requirments and which AP credits would be accpeted. I wish i knew that the adminstration works pretty slowly and you have to intiate everything yourself. YOu need to seek the out opporutunities to succed and advance yourself.


Nothing in particular


I wish I knew about scholarships and the outside help I could get to further help me succeed in this school.


The hard work.


Before I came to this school I wish I knew how little social life there was on campus. Students here are so academically driven, that they hardly spend time hanging out with friends and taking some time off to relax. Many students in my classes I almost never see aruond campus because I know they are off studying somewhere. I also wish I knew how many students were commuters. A majority of our campus is commuters which means on weekends there are not many people here.


I wish that I have known how there is a lack school spirit and the courses that are required to take in order to become an engineer.


I wish there was someone there to encourage me to explore more of the downtown area of Newark because there are many places to visit off campus if you knew where to go. I would also encourage new students to get involved in various campus activities, clubs and organizations because you can meet many new and interesting people there. Also get to know many different people and do not stick around with only one group of friends based on your major, there are a variety of interesting people to meet with at NJIT.


financial aid sucks and so does reslife


i wish i had known how difficult this school would have been. also i wish i had known how math and physics oriented this school is.


I wish I've known how poor the ratio of men to women is in this school. All of my friends, including me, never had a date, left alone, a girlfriend in college. Campus life is horrible as well. College campus reminds me of the city scenses from the movie "I am Legend," deserted. Most students resort to alcohol, frat parties or drugs to relax. Others stick to video games. Most professors don't seem to be interested in teaching the students and that's what bothering me the most.


The work load. (Major-specific)


I wish I had known exactly which direction I wanted my education to go in, so that I would not have wasted any time time getting done.


that the math courses were as hard as they were, and that campus life was not as great as the college makes it out to be


During my first year I would have wished that I took calculus and fully understood physics, however, completing that first year I can say I wish nothing changed. If I started school not knowing calculus and physics then I would have never struggled the way that I did, intern, bringing me to my truly earned 3.9 GPA

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