New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


NMT is best known for Engineering.


My school is best known for its impressive and rigorous schooling which provides top level students in many engineering disciplines. The small university size also allows for a more personal experience and closer relationships with students and professors.


New Mexico Tech is known for science and technology curriculums, especially engineering and physical sciences. The NRAO or National Radio Astronomy Observatory is located here, as well as EMRTC, or the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center.


Best known for research, and the reputation is well deserved. The research projects are well funded and high quality. Most of the research is easy to get into especially for upper-classmen.


This school is best known for giving students the tools they need to get great jobs after graduation. It is also known for a very high drop-out rate that is somewhat depressing to those who survive the toughness of the school. Besides these it is known as a black and white campus in that students here are either very social (attending dances, parties, etc.) or lock themselves in their rooms and play WoW...


Research!! It would be difficult to go through a full Bachelors program without working on some sort of research, often with well known leaders in the field.