New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the drive for academic excellence from everyone here. The faculty, the students, everyone wants to see each other succeed. It is really amazing to see all the hard work other students and myself put into our work. When you see a thesis defense or go to senior design presentation it is really inspiring to work that much harder to get to that place and to graduate from New Mexico Tech.


The classes are unique. Whether its "The Physics of Green Power" or "Intersteler Explosives Aplications" the small specialised classes are different every semester.


nothing is too far out of the way, from dorms, classes, stores, recreational facilities, and just places to stroll and hike.


Activities usually include doing things with friends, because there isn't a whole lot to do besides be with friends which leads to close knit groups, and friends. People here are very willing to study together, work on homework, and actually do work. Nothing is focused on sororities, fraternities or sports. There are intermural teams, and everyone can play.