New Mexico State University-Main Campus Top Questions

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New Mexico State is unique because the campus staff and students go out of their way to make sure incoming students feel welcomed.


The pride in being part of the NMSU family


What makes this school unique is that it accomadates all age groups. There are many people going back to get thier degrees after being layed off or changing careers. This is what makes me the most comfortable that i can walk into a classroom and see people my age not only 20 year olds. That was my biggest apprehension when i considered this school.


What is unique about my school compared to other schools is the location. I am 20 minutes walking distance to the school, and the diversity of the students on my campus.


Well, the first thing that sets my school apart from most is the fact that it is located in a fairly small city. Unlike most universities that are very large, there is a family like atmosphere about the campus since everyone usually knows everyone. I also believe my school is unique being that it is a mainly agricultural school nevertheless, the school provides many other majors as well. For example, when I am on my way to one of my journalism classes I can smell the horses and livestock from a mile away.


NMSU has a lot to offer to a variety of students- but the most important thing is to take advantages of all of the opportunities we have to offer! I spent my first semester not really getting out of my dorm room much except to go to classes, but now I'm very involved and the benefits are enormous!


the thinng thats uniqure about my school is the location and the many things to see and a distance of the school.


The campus is a great campus to be at. The scenery is beautiful that it's very relaxing to be around. It's also a spread out campus that you don't feel cramped being there. The programs there also are good. The progessors really do care about how you do in not only their class, but future classes. They're willing to help you in any way they can.


What I found very unique about this college was that I would not have to worry about being by myself, meaning that I would be close to home and I would not have to worry about traveling very far in case of emergencies and vice versa. This was also the college that my family attended and just knowing that they took steps there at that college makes me feel good about attending college


The campus is huge. My brother goes to USC and he says that things are very cramed together and parking permits are supper expensive due to this. While NMSU has parking stickers for all, you just have to be willing to walk.


It is in my home town


My school has a small, but strong Multi Media Program, Even though Film making has been in the area for some time now.


I'd like to think that the fact it's far enough from home that I get to experience life by myself yet close enough that I can visit my family anytime I want is rather unique and cool.


This school is unique for the atmosphere, the many activities and athletics offered. Also it has great surrondings for students and many stores and other accesible places for students to go too. Also, there is public transportation on campus and around the surrounding area. There are many different cultural events that you can attend such as the Chile Festival in Hatch.


New Mexico State University's Agriculture studies is the one of the top 10 in the nation. I grew up working on a ranch and would like to go to a college where they know more about it.


NMSU has a very outstanding program for psycology...


The availability of learning centers for all majors and types of people. Each teacher strongly encourages students to use those resourses to further their education and alot of peer help is readily available. Students, whether undergrads or grad students are willing to help others with homework because most people at one time or another are going to be in need of help and that is highly recognized.


The university itself is unique. After visiting another college that was a part of my options, it was easy to see that NMSU offered an open space and a view that was breathtaking. The individuals at the university also have an attitude that makes attending the university somewhat enjoyable.


This campus is very diverse. There is many cultures and many different religions. The cost is not bad and offers a great education.


Everyone is friendly and out-going, well oriented. We have many resources that allow us to better understand what we are studying. It is safe and quiet.


I think NMSU in unique because the campus is beautiful and has alot of space. There are lots of things to do at this campus and very friendly people. The professors are helpful and want you to do well and most of the time will help you with anything you need in order to help you succeed. The other students at this campus come from all over and all are friendly.


We are a large land base campus. With beautiful architucture.


It is a positive environment for learning. There is plenty of support from faculty and other students.


Largest Land Grant University in the american southwest.


I really liked the campus size, and that it was in my current town. Since money was a large factor in my decesion as to where I would be attending college, paying in-state tuition was unfortunately my only option. However, the staff at NMSU is great, and I have felt like the majority of my professors are truly passionate about what they are teaching, which makes going to class easy.


I love the feeling of Community at NMSU. There is a good balance of socializing and academics. The academics aren't very rigorous but that's ok with me. I've learned many more things inside and outside of the classroom at NMSU. The only really negative thing has been administrative politics the past year or so. Also, there are many programs that are underfunded and some that are over funded (mainly athletics/sports).


i dont know what makes this school unique


They really focus on the success of the students. My freshmen year, my advisor would talk to me every now and then to see how I was doing. they make it a point to put the students first.


It is a good sized school and it provides different things for the students, which helps us.


Our students are really friendly and very easy to meet new people. I feel that its one of the smaller campuses so its easier for people to mingle.


There's nothing really unique about it except the low admission standards and the relatively cheap tuition