New Mexico State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Nmsu has a lot of options as majors. There are also a lot of rescourses outside of the class room.


The sense of pride that the students and professors share at NMSU


I brag about NMSU when it comes to the chemistry department. The chemistry professors are really great and have been published in major journals.


I brag about the beautiful campus. It is a small campus that enables you to walk everywhere and enjoy all the different seasons that you'll experience in the fall and spring semesters. The buildings are a mix of old and new which provides for a comfortable place to learn. Not only is the campus beautiful but above all it is welcoming, you can sit in the grass and study all day or you can grab a coffee and head to the library with friends or just walk around and enjoy the community.


When I tell my friends about my school, I generally brag about two things: The Physical Science Laboratory (PSL) and the Pride Band. PSL is a research and development organization involved in aerospace and defense R&D. The best thing, however, about PSL is that they give their student employees the opportunity to gain real work experience in the field of their future careers. Nearly every university has a marching band, but not many have a band like the Pride of NMSU. This corps-style band focuses on entertainment and excellence.


Caring professors and welcoming atmosphere


The thing that I would most brag about my school is what a beautiful campus New Mexico State University has to show. I love how green the campus looks and full of joy and pride the students have on campus.


I am a freshman on the New Mexico State universty Rodeo team. I brag about the quality of our team. We have one of the best rodeo teams in the region and have won the women's title in the Grand Canyon Region of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) multiple times. There are also many other NCAA sports and intramural sports to choose from. There is always something fun to do and way to meet new people with many different interests. There is something for everyone at NMSU.


When I explain my school to my friends, I tell them how awesome the New Mexico State University campus is. We have one of the biggest schools (area wise) in the nation. I also tell them how NMSU is not too big, but also not too small at the same time. NMSU is a great place to be, because there is plenty of things to do, and tons of people to meet.


Enviorment, clean small city, friendly people from all ethnic groups.


The animal science department has its facilities right outside the classroom door. This quality is extremely rare even among the most prestigious universities. Most colleges only involve live animals once or twice a year, but NMSU animal science students deal with them on a daily basis.




The people are friendly, and there's always something amusing or entertaining to see on campus. My professors are all amazing, and helpful, and the classes are small enough I can get individual attention when I need it.


It's been a blessing in disguise going to NMSU, because I have the advantage of living close to home, but still have an independent lifestyle. So, I get the college feel of living independently, but save laundry money by doing it at home on the weekends. I also wanted to study film and be close to home, and this university had both choices. I get the best of both worlds.


I brag about the most is about where my school is located. It's located in a sunny, beautiful place where my health has become stable. Also, that this school has really cool faculty who keeps me interested in the subject that they are teaching. There are so many clubs on campus that I can't even name a quarter of them. There are so many opportunities to keep oneself in shape by free activities offered to students at the Activity Center on Campus.


I brag about our rugby team! I say that they should come join it. We have great practices, and we are like one big family. There's a men's team and a women's team. They are like brother's and sisters. Except for the few that date. We have the best parties, because every gets to have fun and everyone gets along. There will always be stories about being on the rugby team in my future. They also provide help, friendship, and laughs when things are not going so well. I love my girls and boys!


Probably the fantastic pre-vet program they have. Not only are there agricultural animals to study, but there is even a club to help you chart your course.


i brag about the beautiful scenery most.


I always tell my friends about the environment the campus and University bring. It keeps me at peace and helps me relax within being in school. I love the friendly diversity of people on campus. You can make so many friends and great study groups.


Love EVERYTHING about NMSU. Love the people, the weather, the college-town, the environment, the food, and my social life.


I brag the most about how everyone is so friendly you can make friends easily and they become long term friends. I also love to talk about he teachers every teacher I have had since I started college has been very helpful and willing to answer any questions or help me when I need the assistance.


That it is not far away from my family, yet far enought to have my own life.


school spirit


all the fun sports games.


I forget that Im in a smaller town when I am on campus


That they have a digital film making program. I also brag about my time abroad and the great opportunity it was by going through the ISEP office on campus.


The students and professors are very helpful and friendly. Classes are somewhat challenging, but are fulfilling when it comes to academic content. On-campus housing is very convenient, in regards to closeness to classes and availabililty of parking. There are many clubs and organizations to be involved with to help further your college experience. The fraternities and sororities are well known on the campus and do many activities regarding community service and social events. The weather is very mild and warm most of the year. The university has a wonderful atomosphere and is a great place to be.


I enjoy my school because it is a personal campus, meaning that it?s not very large so people get to know one another easily. Every one is friendly and many people are there to help you out, they want you to succeed at college. I am glad to have found this school because it has made me grow as a person and become more comfortable with others. I am not always stuck in my room being alone, now I have friends to go places with.