New Mexico State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about NMSU is it's open and accepting spirit. The school has several degrees to offer, and the students and professors are diverse in all aspects of life - religion, political views, sexual orientation, etc. It's a color, religion, sexual blinded school. That makes NMSU a very inviting University-and a wonderful place to receive an education.


The culturally diverse amoutn of studnet is amazing. Lots of helpful resources and the Diversity Departments is pretty awesome. Everyone is pretty friendly and we work together as a school to accomplish things. It's great to be part of the community and there are a variety of degree plans available. There are plenty of options as to what you can major in and be involved in.


The best thing about my school is the class size. They're small and the instructors know you personally, which always helps.


The best thing about this school is its openness to students from diverse backgrounds, lived experiences, and identities. I am involved in the diversity programs here on campus and the students and faculty are very welcoming. Man of the instructors, not all but a large number of them, have taken Safe Zone Training, a workshop to help students and faculty to be kind and understanding to persons of non-heteronormative identities and expressions. I greatly enjoy my classes because it is so open and the instructors that I have had encourage students to speak up against intolerant behavior.


I consider the best thing about New Mexico State University to be our racial diversity. There is a different mix of students from many different states. I also believe that another great thing our school has to offer is our tutoring centers. They are always very helpful and make sure students understand the work.


NMSU is unique in its culture, I think. Southwestern culture is at its richest here. People are wiling to be themselves, so everybody is just a little eclectic. It makes for interesting sights and discussions. Also, the school is an ag school, so there are horses, sheep, and other livestock animals in one area of campus. There are greenhouses and fields and pecan groves. The campus is very pretty and has both an urban and rural feel. Country kids feel at home here and like to rope dummies out in the parking lot in the evenings, and there's a huge rodeo and horsemanship scene. But non-country people also feel at home, because Las Cruces is a fairly big town and there is plenty of non-agricultural stuff to do on campus.


The best thing about going to New Mexico State would be the diversity, the programs and the services. I have met so many different people from all over. They have programs that can help you acheive and get you to anywhere you want, especially finding work during or after school. They offer services such as a membership to the gym, free counseling and free bus transportation all over campus.


The best thing about my school is all the people that attend. There are people from all over the world that attend NMSU. It is so neat to meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds. Overall, NMSU is a very ethnically diverse place.


I havent been there for a very long time just a semester and I really dont know yet what is the best thing.


The atmosphere is very comfortable at NMSU, people are very friendly and the community is very embracing to new people.


The best thing about NMSU are the people, everyone is just so friendly and pretty much everyone gets along and are accepting of eachothers differences. I love that there is such a happy and clean environment, it makes me really happy to be here, I feel like I'm at home at this school.


The best thing about my school is the university has many programs that allow my child to be taken care of while I am in class at no additional cost to me or my family. I have a very close knit community which allows me to feel safe. The campus is very convenient and close so that I am not late to any of my classes. The family housing is so affordable and the amenities are included in the rent which include cable and a phone. There are so many perks to going to school at NMSU its unbelievable.


The best thing about NMSU is that it is full of friendly and helpful individuals who are committed to higher education. It is a place to get a great education in a place that will look after your well being.


What i really like about NMSU is that help is available at all times, wether is in a class, tutoring, or just going with your councelor.


The rich culture and variety of clubs are a great aspect of NMSU. The computer labs and libraries are also great and the staff and people that work here are always really friendly.


Every one is very friendly and teachers really care about a atudents sucess. Good school to go to if you are unsure of college or scared to leave home.


The professors are very passionate about what they teach, and they're willing to make time in their busy lives to help me, as long as I'm making the effort to try. I've been able to enjoy my college experience as well as become interested in what I learn in the classroom, because I have professors that genuinely give of their time to help students be the best that they can.


The proffesors are very helpful and knowledgeable. This is important to me because I know that I can count on them to get the info in need and to succeed after college.


I would have to say the green areas, particularly in autumn where most of the trees turn the most amazing shade of red I've ever seen. Well, that and the fact that I've yet to be in a class with a professor that isn't either very cool, funny or simply that doesn't know how to make their class interesting.


The thing I consider the best at my school is that you get to choose your own courses at the time you prefer, because it fits into your schedule. There is time to do homework, relax, and have a little fun with friends. It is very helpful to me. I like to have time to myself but also go out and enjoy myself with a group of friends.


The best thing about my school is that it is very close to home. This helps me save money, which is very important to me considering I'm an unemployed college student. However, my school is still far enough away that I don't know everyone on campus and I can still achieve that feeling of independence . Going to a school that is roughly 30 minutes away from home results me recieving the best of both worlds. I can be independent, but if something terrible happens, I can go home.


I would consider the best thing about New Mexico State University would have to be the dedication the staff has towards the students. The university offers plenty of resources to assist each and every student attending. Throughout my first semester I have had the opportunity to be instructed by professors who cared a great deal and were helpful during there office hours. When and if you need more assistence there is a Student Success Center to assist in any subject in which your performance is lacking.


They best thing about this school is the intergration with the students, there are different types of students here, from all back grounds. There is also a diversity of social groups. Being here makes you happy to feel you are not alone and everone here, talks to everyone, no hatred for different types of students.


There is a large diversity on campus, that everybody is always welcomed and friendly. You can go up to anyone in your class for help, and they will gladly help you.


I consider 3 things as the best things about my campus. First, New Mexico State University has a very pretty campus. I am an outdoors person so the pretty walks to class are great. The next thing is the staff at NMSU. My professors have all been very helpful and accomodating. They want you to succeed and put effort into helping you as a student achieve your best. The last thing is the town it is located in. It is big but feels like a small town.


The university has a great faculty and offers many resources for the student body. There so many extracurricular activities available at the campus, and places for students to gather for studying or to simply to hang out.


The best thing about NMSU is the atmosphere. Everyone here is very friendly, and it's easy to make friends.


The best thing about my school is definately the tuition. I meet many people from around the country who also go to my school and they are all attracted because of the tuition rate. Such a low tuition rate makes it possible for my stay stay well fed and housed properly.


The best thing about the school I am attending is the atmosphere that is experience. Many of the individuals that attend this school are friendly and always willing to help. Furthermore, if you speak with the right individuals, you are able to take advantage of different resources that this university offers, such as interships. The majority of the professors also seem very willing to help you in your endeavors.


All of the proffessors that i have had, are extremely nice, and willing to help me succeed in their classes, as well understanding the course material, and beyond the material. I also like the friendly student to student environment, it makes social life a lot easier to cope with. I like this because it's not like highschool, where there are "clicks" of people who aren't friendly.


The best thing about NMSU is the group of physics majors. We are in most of the classes related to our major together, so we can help and encourage each other in parts of classes we find frustrating, vent about professors, and share plans for the future.


The best thing about NMSU are family and friends. I can go to college and earn a degree while still maintaining a close relationship with those that I care about most. This is probably one of the most important reasons I decided to stay here in Las Cruces and if I had to go back and redo it all, I would not change one thing!


Overall community feel. Everyone is willing to help each other when its needed.


The intramurals which include, basketball to soccer to volleyball. Also, that time seems slower here; you don't have to live life at a fast pace here.


i like the enviroment. Everyone here is friendly and helpful.


The best thing about NMSU is the help they give you finding a job after college. There are also alot of cool internship programs offered.


Prity campuse, some thing for every one.


It's a frendly atmosphere with people who realy care about students ability to do well.


For me I would have to say the best part of our school would have to be its libraries. First of all ,they are a good place to get your homework done and it also gives you a place to relax in between classes. It is also quite enough to finish all of your homework with the least bit of distractions. Our libraries also have computers, which give you access to internet. So if you do not have homework and just want a place to check your email or check assignments the library is a great place to do that.


The best thing about my school is the people. We all get along really good no matter if we know each other. Most of us are away from our parents and family so we are our family.. We are there to help one another and i consider NMSU a big family to help on another.


the best thing about my school is the environment. the sourroundings and the overall setting of the town it is in


Greek Life


the best thing about my school has to be its location. its location is right by a mountain in a small city with lots to do when you have nothing to do. the schools campus is wide and full of green grass and tress.


The Greek Life systerm


The friendly people on campus.


It is a good place to meeet new and different people from around the country and some parts of the world.


The friendly people, atmosphere, landscape.