New York Institute of Technology-Manhattan Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about the school is the fact that it has not been around for the length of time other schools have. They are constantly trying to developed the school, develop the buildings, and develop the curriculum.


The worst thing about New York Institute of Technology is the financial aid and tuition. They increase the tuition annually and if you owe an outstanding balance, they will help you to a point. If you cannot to take out a loan, they will see it as refusing to take help when you are choosing not to further debt. Having an outstanding balance means that you will not be able to receive your official transcript, or register for classes. If you do not pay the balance or start a payment plan you will be deregistered from your classes


A lot of the teachers have bad attitudes. They do nothing to encourage us to become architects since they feel as if they are above the students. lack of computers for a technical school. lack of studio space.


The food is okay but for me a campus must have great food and the food prices are so much for something that doesnt even taste that great upsets me. If I am starving thats the last place I go but lucky for me the campus location is close to a lot of wonderful restaurants so I dont mind so much.


Nothing, I think is pretty good overall


No meal plan, I spend a fortune on food because of this.


Its prime location is a bit expensive


the worst thing about my school is th registration process.


Small computer labs, crowded library, no cafeteria or gym or assembly hall.