New York Institute of Technology Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Advising, classes appropriate for accelerated versus retarded graduation


The lack of a demand to succeed from the proffesors is quite dissapointing. There should be much more emphasis on learning and expanding your resources in the setting you wish to be in after undergraduate education.


The fact that some classes are only offered online. However, they are starting to offer more classes both online and in class.


I think tuition is the worst thing about my school because it is too high. If you are not on a scholarship or from a rich family it is very hard to afford tuition especially since I am not working. I am trying really hard to get a scholarship and some money so I don't have to take out anymore student loans or anything.


The campus is boring. I believe the absence of dorms on campus causes low school spirit.


Well, the tution is really high plus theydont give any major scholarship. I know how hard its for me to graduate since i have no support from anywhere but its life. Hence, I love NYIT because I will graduate from their with loans of more then 10k.


My school has nothing to do on campus boring.


As stated above, the fact that administration is completely shut down to any kind of positive change by students. They're too overwhelmed by parents who they're mostly getting money from, and so very few student requests actually make it very far. For example, the wireless network is behind one of the most restrictive proxies I've ever encountered. While most professors actually agree with us, the administration behaves more like Public Relations: constant denial of responsibility, repetitive excuses or missing the point of discussion intentionally, no ultimate change- at least none that isn't "already available".


The level of technology in this school. For a school of technology the level of technological resources is on the level of most high schools. So I would like to see more technology be intergrated into the classes as well as the computer labe, libarary, and study rooms.


there is no activites barley any people or events to attend we get like 2x a year or something you have to be on a sports team to be in cluded or join a club thats indteded towards your major


The worst thing about the Westbury campus of NYIT is the "clicks" of ethnic groups that form and the fact that people continue to just let that happen. White with white .. black with black, I personally don't care but i think that it is because I am a little older and more experienced than your typical 18 year old students.