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I love that New York University doesn't have a legitamit campus, it is what makes it so unique. Most people who I talk to think it is weird, and that it must be hard not having a campus life. To me it seem as though I'm not in college, but I am at the same time. It gives me a good balance because I don't feel like I'm stuck in college the whole day. As soon as I leave the building I was in, I'm able to decompress and give studying a break.


As I began to search for masters programs that correspond with my passion, I needed three criteria to be met. First, I wanted a New York City based school. Secondly, I hoped for a northeast regional institution that understood the challenges of an urban public institution. Finally, I simply wanted a quality program that was accredited, affordable, and acknowledged nationally for excellence. New York University met of all my criteria.


The fact that there was not a tradional campus vibe is something definitely unique to NYU. Because our founding president wanted us to be of and among the city of New York, no gates have ever been put in place around campus. For me, it allowed there to be a blurring f lines bewteen what constitutes as college life and what is the real world. It also prevents me from staying within the comfort of my school and exploring all around the city, from rooftops in alphabet city, to local eateries up in harlem.


The city! While still a college student, I feel like a full-blown adult sometimes. There are opportunities, internships, and even people that I never imagined coming across. You'll create great memories in a city that creates them.


Unique to NYU is the abundance of opportunities that can be found because of the school's location. Manhattan a major hub of the world and students can always find so many internships, jobs, and volunteer opportunities available to them in the city. Appart from academic related activites there is so much to do in the city like going to Broadway shows, eating at amazing restaurants, or visiting museums. The city houses so many fun, enriching things to do that wouldn't be available if the school was located in a college town.


It is located at the heart of the biggest city in the US, and with that comes many career opportunities.


We have the luxury of literally being in New York City. Other schools have chunks of campuses that are gated off and separated from the city and it's a waste. We gain so much from being so tied to the city that we live in. We learn how to become indepedent faster, we are forced to learn our way around, and in the end we can go out into the world and say we have taken full advantage of our school's location and all it has to offer.


NYU's lack of campus is probably the main feature that makes it so special. Being in the middle of New York City without a solid campus allows you to branch out and discover places and people you would never dream of experiencing in a life time.


The city is your campus, providing endless professional, cultural, and academic experiences. The school is your portal into other countries as well as other worlds, figuratively speaking. You're not stuck on a campus not being able to take your academic experiences out into the real world. Practically everything is right at your fingertips.


It allows its students to do their own thing, like I said. It works around jobs, internships, etc., and being located right in NYC means that we are still able to travel around the city and explore "the real world". People say that since it doesn't have a real "campus" that the sense of school community is lost, but come on, when you're in Washington Square Park with all the buildings with NYU flags hanging, that IS our community.


Set in a metropolitan, NYU is not your typical college campus. The typical Greek and sports life that defines college is virtually nonexistent. You attend classes with peers from all over the world, but despite the cultural differences, the environment is liberal and LGBT friendly. Many NYU students are also artsy, dabbling in fashion, photography, or acting. Although NYU does not offer the all-American college experience, it compensates with its worldly and talented student body; making connections in college is crucial. Also, NYU offers an extensive study abroad program with campuses in 13 cities located on 6 different continents!


NYU is a university in and of the city - if you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere. Graduates of NYU are generally fiercely-determined and successful in their chosen career path.


its amazing


The location of the school in New York City.


It is located in New York City


There is no standard college campus. The city is our campus and our place of learning.


NYU is unique in that its entire campus is a part of New York City. There is no stereotypical quad like at the Ivy's, and every single housing building has its own layout, feel, and atmosphere. By being a part of the city, you learn not only the geographical layout, but also self-reliance. You learn to take the subway, get to chinatown, and every once in a while, what to do if you encounter someone famous. Its campus lends itself to your personal development and is relentlessly active. You will never be bored in your dorm.


NYU gets a bad rap for being the #1 dream school but also the #1 depressed school. And the cold truth behind that is the suicide rate. There has unfortunately been at least one suicide each year during the last three years. These situations are dealt with well however. Students are made aware of the free counseling from the Health Center (which is superb by the way) constantly. But, every school has their suicides. And whether you hide the fact or not, it is going to come out eventually.


The school does not have a typical college campus. Instead, New York City is our campus. This is a great way to make us feel like we are a part of the city, rather than just a college in a city. However it has some negatives. Some students have a hard time getting involved and don't feel like they are a part of a whole student body, because we don't have a physical campus full of other students the way most schools have.


NYU is as much about living in NYC as it is about going to the school. The initial adjustment period can be tough, since new students are not only trying to make friends and keep up with their schoolwork, but also to adjust to fast-paced city life, but once people find their place, they tend to thrive. There are so many more opportunities available to NYU students than to the typical college student--most students have held at least one internship by the time they graduate. And there's always something going on--the city really doesn't sleep!


New York University is unique becacuse it is located in the heart of New York City. As you go from class to class, getting through the crowded streets, you are constantly reminded that this is by no means, an ordinary college. Classes take maxaimum use of the university's location by giving assignments that range from analyzing a piece at the MET to listening to an opera. I believe NYU is also unique because it allows one to grow stronger fater. Since there is no campus, you need to learn the city and your way around.


well I feel that the school is every diverse.


Out of all the schools I have visited, NYU has an infinite amount of options to learn what I am interested in. There are over 400 clubs/organizations where I can learn various things such as doing taxes, discjockying, and enhancing my knowledge in science fiction. In addition, NYU has numerous subjects that I can choose from. As someone who doesn't know what career to follow, I can widen my knowledge in different subjects to see what I want to follow. Also, NYU offers tutoring and aid along with my classes that can help me with whatever I need.


We are very accepting to every culture and class of people and open to learning about new lifestyles. Also, we come together through many different forms, unlike the stereotypical ways of sports like most universities are thought to do.


NYU allows students to be immersed in the exhilarating New York City environment while receiving a world-class education.


New York University really lives up to the school's motto "in and of the city." Living in the heart of Greenwich Village gives students unique opportunities for gaining valuable experience through jobs and internships at well-known companies, and nothing compares to living right in the middle of one of the country's largest and most diverse cities. Students are able to learn with others who have unique ethnic and cultural backgrounds and can work together in a microcosm representing this diverse world.


NYU is a very scary place if you don't know what to expect. It's also not worth the debt, so if you aren't getting enough aid to come here without significant loans please go elsewhere. You'll get just as good if not a better education for less elsewhere. It's really not worth the $$ unless you're in Stern or Tisch or have a major in which it would be advantageous to live in NYC for the internships. That's the best thing that this school offers: connections. I'm already blogging, I've interned twice, and I have a huge amount of published clips and I'm just finishing my second year. That being said, opportunities are something you will have to seek out yourself. NYU does not hold your hand and, frankly, does not give two shits about you as a student. You will have to seek out job opportunities and internships yourself, and if you're willing to do that than this school is excellent. It is what you make of it.


I lived in a midwestern small town; NYU is located in an ultra urban environment. I appreciated the campus setting being very different from other schools I considered. While there is a central location at Washington Square, the campus literally becomes the city itself. I have found classes incorportate this unique setting into the curriculum, meeting at museums, author readings, theaters, the United Nations, etc. to make learning literally tied to the world. In addition, the diversity among the students at NYU is second to none and appreciated by all who attend. NYU truly opens the world to its students!


The location! There is always something to do here in Manhattan. There are museums and parks and theaters, cafes and many hole-in-the-wall types of places. There are so many awesome things to discover here. Another uique aspect of NYU is our library. With 12 floors of stacks and two levels underground for private or group studying, the books you need are always at hand and the quiet space you seek is easy to find. It's a very comforting place to be.


New York University does not have a campus. It is located in the middle of Manhattan in New York. While students at most other schools live in a campus area where all the school buildings are located around. However, students at NYU just live in the city. NYU buildings are all over Manhattan and are mixed in with buildings that have no relation to New York University.


New York University campus is part of the city. Many kinds of people from all over the world. I have new friends as far away as CA, OR and FL. Many students are from out of the country. New York is such a big city, so much to see and do. I can walk out my dorm room and something is right there to do - book store, coffee shop, entertainment site, etc. It costs alot more that some colleges.


My school, based in the heart of the village, has no true campus but rather a real world in which to live. Living driectly in the city gives us the chance to explore without borders while feeling as though we are a part of something bigger than just a campus or a school. Living in the city provides you will endless opportunities and allows you to gain a greater sense of experience than you would in a typical school campus setting. This makes my college experience of learning go beyond the books and academics.


Compared to the other schools I considered, New York University was unique because of the lack of a campus. Despite the lack of a campus, there were many ways to get involved and meet people. There are so many clubs at NYU to choose from, and if there isn't a club you like, then you can easily create a club. Although NYU is a big school, there are so many ways to create a smaller community. Lastly, NYU iss unique because it is in the heart of the city.


The momentum to be environmentally responsible is one that is seen in every apsect of the university. It is not only evident in all buildings, but students are encouraged to come up with ideas that will minimize the University's carbon footprint.


My school is by far the best school for me to go to for acting because it is actually in the city where I want to work once I am out of college. I will get so much more experience because I am in the big city and can see shows and intern while I am going to classes. I haven't had the chance to yet but I can't wait to start.


NYU is so unique in a variety of ways, but what stood out the most to me was the idea of options. NYU has every degree one could imagine ? and if a student cannot decide on a major, he or she can create an individualized program of study in the Gallatin division of the university. Literally, you can major in anything that you want! That to me was not only relieving because I am very indecisive, but also refreshing because it really seems like the university cares about making its students happy.


NYU doesn't have a college campus, so it is entirely integrated with downtown Manhattan. The physical fusion of the college and the city allow for the mental growth of students in an environment that is more like the real world than many other colleges. I am a student, but I am also a resident of one of the largest cities in the world; a city that teaches me almost as much as my courses do.


What is unique about New York University compared to other schools that I applied to was the city environment of the campus. Located in Greenwich Village, Washington Square and neighboring SoHo, the campus is ideal for any city lover like myself. Shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and education bundled into one atmosphere; nothing can compare to that.


New York University is unique because it is very academic based. Many schools? arts programs are more conservatory based, so the student ends up getting a little shortchanged when it comes to academics. As an intellectual student, I am receiving a strong academic education in addition to my arts training at NYU. With this, I will leave a more well-rounded, marketable individual.


New York University is extremely diverse which allows its students to interact with other cultures and learn things about life that are not possible in smaller schools. Being located in the heart of New York City also allows for many more resources than small towns. NYU has partnerships with many companies that can be future employers for its students so there are a great amount of possible internships, volunteer work, and part-time jobs. NYU also gives its students a greater sense of independence while living in such a flourishing, fast-moving city.


One Great aspect of NYU is its location because I am not confined by the typical campus structure found at most universities, but rather am part of a larger urban community where everything, including food, parks and entertainment venues are easily accessible, giving me the opportunity to flourish academically, artistically and professionally. Several significant buildings for incoming freshman are located in the heart of Manhattan and through various NYU academic departments, I can master my crafts and encounter unforgettable experiences everyday. It is the place I?ve always wanted to be and a place I never want to leave.


Blair Waldorf may refer to NYU as a ?glorified state school? filled with students with ironic facial hair ? but NYU is rightfully called a dream school. This is the University where an acceptable ?Welcome Week? activity is ?Guess the Straight Person?; where drawing a student naked could be homework; where an exciting education and non-traditional college experience awaits; where adventures are in front of you (unless you stumble upon a film set, then you need to go around); where the grid of Manhattan is your campus; and where summer is truly the worst part of the year.


This school not only has one of the best drama and film programs, but the whole campus is rich with culture. People from all over the world with varying backgrounds come to this university. As a result, I feel one gains knowledge from multiple perspectives.


The programs are so specific and unique to each major.


NYU is directly embedded in New York City, and has basically colonized the entire island of Manhattan.


NYU is a niche community because we live in the city. There is not much school spirit on campus, as we don't even have a football team. I have probably only been to game in my time being at NY. Greek life is also very small. But living in the city does have it's benefits.


What is unique is that the school is in a city which gives students the opportunity to get internships. And there is always something fun to do whether it's in Washington Square Park or in a museum or even around campus.


New York City! The culture is really unheard of anywhere else in the world, extremely diverse and also friendly. The academics are important, but not in the stuffy Ivy league sort of way


convenience of transportation, more internship opporuntities in the city, shops and cafes everywhere, nightlife, citylife


The truth about NYU is, unless you really love New York or you attend either Tisch or Stern, don't come here. You can more bang for your buck elsewhere. The other expensive private schools will cost less after financial aid, so it's better to just go elsewhere. As someone who is seriously planning on transfering, take it from me. There is good here, but there's a whole bunch bad on all accounts.