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Where is the best place to get work done on campus?

Depends on your study style. If you're looking for some noise, and movement: 1. Certain floors of Bobst Library: Never too loud. Just some chatter. 2. Kimmel: It's more relaxed. For students to just chill, study, have little club meetings, whatever. 3. Cafes: Music, free wifi, people. If you need quiet: 1. The other floors of Bobst: Each floor has specified noise levels. Some are totally silent. 2. Home/Dorms: Comfortable and pretty quiet. There are some study rooms for dorms.

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The NYU Bobst library is one of the largest college libraries in the country. Most students spend their time here studying into the early hours of the morning. On the other hand, many students also prefer to study in their dorm room as they do not like the library's silent and studious atmosphere.

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A lot of people like working at the Bobst, the library, but I personally like the study lounge in my dorm. All the dorms have study lounges, which are especially convenient for those who don't live as close to the library.

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