Niagara University Top Questions

Describe the students at Niagara University.


My classmates are involved and enthusiastic about their work and their school.


The primary reason I chose to attend Niagara University was due to my various encounters with staff, professors, and students while on my visits to the college; the students were approachable, dedicated, and well-rounded due to the liberal arts core, traits which I see emerging from my classmates as I am now a student myself.


Friendly and fun people for the most part.


They are there for you and are willing to help you out if you need it.


Some Of My Classmates Are Slackers Who Put Things Off Until The Last Minute, While Others Study Hard, Give It Their All, And Don't Procrastinate.


Lots of people at the school look the same, act the same, and dress the same.




My classmates are an extremely hard-working, focused, intelligent, socail bunch who, due to our focus on St. Vincent De Paul and his work, are very concerned with the community and helping those that are less fortunate than they are, and even though NU studnets party pretty hard, I'd say that there is still a priority on class work and bettering the individual and community.


Fun, willing to party, but gets their work done as well.


I have a lot in common with my classmates.